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A Dream of Tokyo

I don’t know how I let that happen, but every time I see anything, literally anything that reminds me of Tokyo, I always feel sudden urge to pack my stuff and go, possibly one-way. I seem to have romanticised it in my mind to a degree which is on the verge of being unhealthy (if only on the verge, heh). I can tell myself so many reasons not to be obsessed with this city, and yet I can’t do anything about it. Today, as I have a perfect “chance” to stay home, I went through two last Makoto Shinkai movies. “The Garden of Words” and “Your Name”. If I wouldn’t need a visa, I’d be packing. Shit. I am in love with Tokyo. Maybe I should really just move, huh?

Pulled Apart

This picture is one of those where a split second mattered. Just as I noticed these birds floating face to face, park staff started to pull them apart. If they weren’t made of plastic, that would be one heartbreaking scene 🙂 And as they were, it was just metaphorical. Have a great week, everyone!

Digging into the Past

Sometimes you wake up early in the morning, check your instagram account and find there an old acquaintance. “Hey there, acquaintance, any news?” – you say and dig into their account. And then, you see things you expected to see, except you were really wishing you won’t, so that a question still stays a question, a secret remains untold. Or at least, not shared with you. But it isn’t. “Hey there, these are my news!” – their account says, and then “click!”. It f@cks up your mood even though you know it’s stupid. Even though you know it’s past, and it’s wa-a-ay in the past, gone like booze from that bachelor party you never had. And then it rains. And you sit there, staring at those drops thinking “Why the heck do I even care?”. No answers. I guess it’s just human nature, we get sad on account of other people doing shit that (and now, important) might-have-touched-us-in-the-past-but-it-does-not-anymore. Fun? No. Worth it? No. Will I still do it? Not when I finish writing that. “Hey there, acquaintance. Please continue doing all that shit if it makes you happy!”. Ciao.

Oh, and it’s still that Ueno Park in the pictures. Still my first 12 hours in Tokyo. I wonder when I get past that date 😀

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