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Pulled Apart

This picture is one of those where a split second mattered. Just as I noticed these birds floating face to face, park staff started to pull them apart. If they weren’t made of plastic, that would be one heartbreaking scene 🙂 And as they were, it was just metaphorical. Have a great week, everyone!

We’ve got Perfect Life

Just a post of a picture. For some reason I don’t have anything to say. I am changing, and sometimes I am not recognising this person I look in the mirror at. Not literally, of course I find those nooks and crannies familiar. But sometimes I do things I have never, ever done before. And I don’t feel anything. Like, you know, I should’ve felt something and “Bamm!” – no reaction. At all. No answer deep (or deeper) inside, as if the full-metal jacket covers me. Did I say, I have nothing to say? I lied 😛 Well, still it’s not much of value, but I guess that’s what blogs are made for (except those that are sold and used up as mass media). Either way, I am done for today. And I want a cup of tea. So I’ll go and help myself to a cup of tea. And marmalade. With orange peels. Be jealous. And have a great night/day/evening wherever you are.

Parisan Metro

This picture was done during the last trip to Paris. Armed with my little X-100 I wanted to do as much street photography as I could get. Sometimes it was fruitful 🙂

Today, by the way, I’ve updated the design of a little. I was experimenting for a few months till I realised I found something I like more than before. And it’s more obvious now that there is a actual content under full-screen gallery. Hopefully 🙂

Autumn in Berlin is awesome this year. So, everybody, get out and enjoy the weekend.


Did I tell you my life is more about music these days already? I guess I did. So last evenings were spent in reading and watching advice on practicing piano and (uh..) I found that I was doing few things quite (or better be honest and say “very”) wrong. But, as you know, accepting the problem is the first step towards fixing it. Which will be my goal for some time. Today I received my copy of “Hanon” and looked over it in horror… It will keep me occupied for many years 🙂

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Work Week Start

This weekend was nice and productive and can be summarised with following keywords: anime, coursera, piano and photos 🙂 Yup, that’s a lot and yummy in comparison to my last few months 🙂 So I am slowly getting there 😉 Either way, a new week has started and I wish you all to have a good and productive day!

7-Sheet Score

Long time no see 🙂 My life is now mostly revolving around my work and piano, with little bits of photography here and there, which I would more describe like “snapshotting”. Humming most of the time “Fantasia for Nausicaä”, it became an accompaniment for most of my pictures and actions. 7-sheet score, full of brilliant harmonies, changes of tempo, rhythm and mood – something to keep me busy learning till end of this year, I guess 🙂 I’ll embed it here, just in case you want to hear it, but beware, magic inside 😉

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A Fresh Pic

Just as a proof (perhaps for myself, hehe) that I do still take my good old camera out for a walk or two sometime. And also a proof that it is awesome. Yup, we love each other. Those guys have been playing today next to the Mauerpark. The music and their attitude was so funny it made my mood for the rest of the walk 🙂 Thus, a pic is also a form of gratitude.

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