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Project Nihon: Chapter 6

Good morning, everybody! Today is Monday, start of another work week. I wish everybody a successful and a productive one! And, traditionally (more than three times could be called a tradition, right?) I am sharing with you Project Nihon Chapter 6: People of Japan:Project Nihon: Chapter 6 - People of JapanMore I go through the project, more I am getting excited about driving it forward and publishing a book at the end. Perhaps this time just for me, perhaps for friends willing to invest, but why not? Would you back that project to get one yourself?

Enjoy Monday, and see you next time!

Streets and News

Now more and more getting this feeling that street photography is better in black and white. No colour to distract, only shape, light and shadows. And people. Yup, as I’ve committed to myself, continuing walking with standard lenses and sometimes even with ultra-wide-angle to get closer. Sometimes, but not always 😉 So in couple of pictures you’ll see below I cheated and used some telephoto ones. Just can’t resist the temptation to use them, they’re my favourite still.

News now. I got my Japan Rail Pass! That means, I’ve paid for all (or almost all) of my upcoming railway trips in one go and I’ll be able to enjoy shinkansen trains as much as I want 🙂 That’s perhaps my first journey that I prepare to. At least that much. We’ll see how it goes in the end:) By the way, if you have any Japanese friends living in Tokyo or Kyoto who want to practice English (or Russian), I’ll be glad to have a nice walk and a chat.

Today went to Helmut Newton and Alice Springs: Us and Them & Helmut Newton: Sex and Landscapes exhibitions. Both are really good and they will end in November so don’t postpone too much if you wanted to pass by.

It was a very busy week and I feel next one will be packed even more tightly. So please wish me luck. And maybe a little bit of rest. Sometimes I feel I really have troubles with calming down and just enjoying what’s happening around. Thanks to all my friends for teaching me it from time to time: it was amazing weekend which started on Friday evening with some ramen and hours of playing PS, drifted into an awesome dinner, whisky and jazz and now finishing with some homework like this post;)

Wow, that one ended up being quite lengthy. Thanks for reading. And thanks for coming.

Whisky Herbst

Whack for the daddy-o, There’s whiskey in the jar.

Well, almost no comment. Except that the evening was really awesome! 🙂 Whisky Herbst fair in Berlin ended yesterday with bagpipes, folk music and.. whisky. I couldn’t even imagine how many kinds of this delicious beverage were presented. But I know for sure that I tasted five of them and got funny 😉 Thanks to guys for inviting me, the very nice company and Jens in particular for guidance though the “bottle forest” and some nice pictures (see second batch)! First, the event:

Next, some pictures of us. Guess the one where I’m sober:)

Thanks for stopping by!


I don’t know if other photographers feel the same (definitely not all of them, heh), but I am generally very shy taking pictures of people. Especially this applies to random people in the street. Lately I decided that I should work on it, and part of this decision was to switch from 70-200 to 24-70 for street photography. Camera looks still pretty large and intimidating, but at least it makes me to get closer to the subject. And it’s lighter 🙂 So see the latest pictures from the streets: mostly done on my short commute from home to the office.

How do you shoot people in the street? I know some photographers who ask people if they could make a picture, but then you loose the moment.. Others use smaller or different cameras, but still, cameras don’t do it all, do they?

Apart from pictures.. Busy, busy, busy. And, this Thursday I’m going to listen to some piano at last: Berliner Philarmoniker is back from holidays 🙂 And one more nice concert is scheduled, so I’m happy 🙂 This time it will be Yann Tiersen. I didn’t ever think he has concerts, but even better like that – I’ve got no idea what to expect.

Bis nächstes mal, おやすみなさい and thanks for staying with me.

Fellow Photographers

Finally, most of pictures from last Sunday are developed, and I could sit down and relax a minute before we go exploring again. Well, not that much of sitting down, but rather running away, literally. Sudden autumn came to Berlin (and, people say, to the rest of Germany as well) so it’s also quite cold now, but some wind-stopper cloths should be enough to feel warm. And also looking through the summer pictures always gives one a little bit of warmth, right? So, have a look. I did say that I mostly didn’t use tripod last Sunday, that is, because I mostly took pictures of Jens & Lejla: photographers taking pictures of fellow photographers at work 🙂

Have fun watching. And thanks for staying with me.


Это не Берлин, это Питер. Нашел у себя неопубликованный пост.

We Love Coffee.

Написал этот пост 28 Августа. Так и не нажал “опубликовать”. Текст был такой:
Как всегда уже ночь. Как всегда думать уже лень, писать уже лень, а выложить снимок хочется. Оставлю-ка я этот пост до утра, посмотрим, что изменится…

Все изменилось. Пусть меняется дальше. Хочу и жду.

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