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Weekend & Festival of Lights

Weekend is already here. Which means, one week before vacation. One week.. With all plans on how-what-where I didn’t really see those three-and-something months that passed since I booked the journey. And this is very cool – it means I actually did something during that time.

Didn’t post for a while.. So what are the news.. News are – my router “ging kaputt”, that is, died. Which effectively means I have no possibility to access my NAS anymore, that is, no access to picture archive. Moreover, I have no internet connection at home, but (big) thanks to my awesome neighbours I can stay connected through their hotspot until I fix my access. Today I became one step closer to the solution, that is, waited for 45 minutes for Telekom Support and (yes!) explained (in German!) what is the problem, answering all those silly questions (“yes, no lights are blinking, yes I’ve tried different power outlet, yes there is a liquid which smells funny”) and so on and so for. And I’m actually pretty proud of it 🙂 In the end they are sending me a replacement router which I should use to restore networking harmony, he he.

Finally, pictures. Sorry for taking so long. What do I have for today? Ones that I have on my laptop 🙂 Thanks to CloudStation I have my non-archive pictures synced so even without NAS being online I still have access to them. Hence, Festival of Lights: continuation of the “official” part.

See you next time!

Festival of Lights: Alternative

Yesterday we did another round of visits to Festival of Lights together with Denis Konovalov and Nikolai Masnikov. Since it was my second time already, I had a bit of room for fun and experimentation without a burden of capturing the main festival sights. And thus, this time I wanted to publish an alternative look at festival of lights: some visitors, street musicians, and, well, everything that I considered interesting. This time, centred mostly around people.

Traditional festival pictures are still going to follow, stay tuned!

Berliner Dom

Berliner Dom (Berlin Cathedral) is the other popular landmark here. I think I visited the dome thrice by now, so good it was up there. It is also one of the most beautiful cathedrals I’ve seen, both from the inside and outside. And now, it is artistically lit in scope of Festival of Lights. Without further comments, enjoy:

See you next time..

Brandenburger Tor

Hi everybody. Another great day is almost over, no big news – all my time is going into preparations to this and that.. But now I can publish some pictures of one of the most recognisable symbols of Berlin: The Brandenburger Tor. I think I spent there most of my time, perhaps since it was also the first place I visited. I am only starting with night photography, but pictures seem to be looking pretty good. Have fun watching and take some time to visit the Festival if you happen to be around.

See you next time!

The Festival of Lights

A bit more silent than usual this week, sorry for that. Many things to do and just 24 hours in a day. Learning, learning, learning. Everything. And now really preparing to the upcoming trip (it’s fun to plan things, but gosh, I am so not used to long journeys!). Anyway, I’ve got something to show. And just one for now, with some more coming later.

Brandenburger Tor @ Festival of Lights 2014

Four hours with a tripod. Yes, four. Somehow I woke up (not literally) at midnight in the middle of Alexanderplatz and thought “OMG” came to me 🙂 Why: there’s Festival of Lights going on in Berlin and I just recently obtained a new tripod, what a coincidence 😉 And I must say, to myself, and everyone who is planning to buy one: tripod must be light. If it is light enough you really have a chance not to be tired like a dog after 2 hours of walking. And if so, you also have a chance to love it. And pictures you get out of it.

Thanks for stopping by. See you next time!

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