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I think this deserves a separate post (update: which, ended up very long, so beware). Well, at least because I read three books of the same author in a row (not that they were too long, but not short either), and I feel hungry for more. So, apart from bragging, I wanted to share my feelings towards them. The three were: The Wind-up Bird ChronicleNorwegian Wood, and Kafka on the Shore. Actually, some time ago, on a flight to Tokyo I read another one, What I Talk About When I Talk About Running, but it was very different. Even at that time I thought that I liked the style of the writing. A memoir, funny, witty, interesting, with a deep philosophy (unexpectedly deep for a book centred on running, a sport). Something happened back then (I guess, life), and I didn’t follow up on my plans, so here I am, more than a year after – moving post-its to “In Progress” and “Done” and feeling very happy about it. Okay, time for me to start making sense.

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Alt-J and Hundreds in one go :)

First of all, sorry for being silent for last three weeks. Coursera, Piano and work totally occupied my time and I had no opportunity (and energy) to write a few lines. Also, I haven’t used my camera for a little while, and was reluctant posting old pictures 🙂 You know, every time 6 months passes since I’ve taken the picture, I don’t like it anymore, no matter what 🙁 Well, since the course I took is coming to an end, I might shoot more every day now 😉

Now to the point. Alt-J! Hundreds! In one concert! 🙂 It was a pleasant surprise to see my Hamburg’s favourites at the venue. They were not announced upfront, and I almost jumped when I knew who’s warming up the venue 🙂 It was quite awesome 🙂 Both of them. A lot of sound, a lot of light, beautiful (no, Beautiful) light engineering and visual effects. And earplugs 🙂 Now, playlist will be full of them for the next few days. And maybe I should get one of their songs to play on the piano. And of course, being there with brilliant C. & J. was fun-fun 🙂

Otherwise, life goes on, better every day (even if a little). I think, with all my recent happenings, I was forced to try to find some harmony in staying home, some peace of mind, so to say. Not sure I am there yet, but I definitely thought a few things through. (Every time saying something like that I have a terrible feeling inside like “Yeah, I’ve said I learnt something, but you know, I’ll screw it up again, some time, definitely.”. So yeah, I probably will. And will learn from that).

Thanks for being with me. Yours.

Bundeskanzleramt: Doors are Open

On Sunday I wanted to celebrate extension of M10’s tracks up to Hauptbahnhof (even beyond, actually) by going there by tram and then taking a walk along the Spree, but I was interrupted. Namely, I saw people somewhere I’ve never seen them before. Or even better, somewhere, where I know for sure they are not supposed to be: bridge, connecting Bunedeskanzleramt and the other bank of Spree. Turned out, exactly the same day german government decided to open a few doors for visitors. With no hesitation, I went to see the place, for what was rewarded by a few pictures and an appearance (and a picture) of Frau Merkel herself. Still think that buildings in the Regierungsviertel are pieces of art. Concrete, glass and ivy – simple and very very beautiful.

I am actually on vacation since two days now. Doesn’t feel like that at all… Last weeks’ events make me eager to get to the office rather sooner than later. But I’ve got some great news – my family is coming over soon, for the first time since I am in Berlin. So it’ll be an exciting week 🙂

My Berlin Fotomarathon

Earlier, I mentioned the event and my impressions from it. Now it is time to share the images. But first, a short recap. There was a motto for the whole day, to which all topics were bound.

Eines langen Tages Reise [Long Day’s Journey]

Topics were delivered in batches of four, every four hours at the particular location. It was possible to shoot all topics even in the very last hour, but pictures must have been taken in the right order – no mix/match/reorder was allowed.

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The Dream Night

Tonight, the Neue Heimat was perhaps the best place to be, in Berlin or in the entire world. Classical music. On a club stage. Piano, Violin, and much more. Outstanding musicians: Anne-Sophie Mutter, Lambert Orkis, Mahan Esfahani, and an ensemble of Mutter’s Virtuosi. The opportunity to get so close.. I was truly a lucky person this evening. Unprecedented. Musically – ecstatic. Visually – unbelievable. Thank you, #yellowlounge. Thank you, Frau Mutter. Thanks to all who made this night possible. You made a dream come true.

P.S.: Tomorrow it will repeat again. I am serious. Do not miss. See more info here:

Festival of Lights: Alternative

Yesterday we did another round of visits to Festival of Lights together with Denis Konovalov and Nikolai Masnikov. Since it was my second time already, I had a bit of room for fun and experimentation without a burden of capturing the main festival sights. And thus, this time I wanted to publish an alternative look at festival of lights: some visitors, street musicians, and, well, everything that I considered interesting. This time, centred mostly around people.

Traditional festival pictures are still going to follow, stay tuned!

Along the Spree

Finally at home, relaxed on a sofa, with a cup of “halswärmer yogitee” (cool stuff, btw, a bit sweet-ish though). It was a very long day today with all sorts of activities: sports, movies, board games, exhibitions and photography. I love this pace, really. It’s a little tiring, but then you have a pleasant feeling that time was well spent. As it is already late, I just share some new pics, set aside the comments. This batch is now two weekends old, walking along river Spree from Treptower Park towards Oberbaumbrücke.  Enjoy!

Buildings along the Spree


View towards Alexanderplatz from Oberbaumbrücke.

And some more excited fellow photographers in color:

"Go, baby, go!"

"Hey, who's there!"

"That thing there. It took 5 minutes to expose"

Thanks for stopping by today.

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