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Autumn Strikes

One day and so many photographs. Oh I love autumn. These colors. And fog. And scent. And chilly wind. I so much love it.

The Autumn


Best things that happened to me, happened in autumn. The more I try to remember, the more I feel that way. I was born in Autumn. I actually didn’t like it when I was a kid – I was always the youngest among same-year-olds. I met some wonderful people in Autumn. Made some decisions that changed my life quite a lot. That’s why I love it. It and all the memories associated with it. And thus, pictures.

Good night, my friends. And see you next time.


In Color

Last week I was exceptionally bad in playing piano, that is, well, I didn’t even touch it. And you know what? I should’ve. Because it is so amazing to play some of your favourite (or some old and almost forgotten) songs from time to time. So today I spent two hours with this brilliant instrument, he he. Now I have to catch up with something else:)

Tomorrow is already Friday and this weekend is promising to be quite packed, so I need to finish all these little things to free some time for the bigger ones. One of those “little ones” is pictures, from September. Month was so productive that I still have some two series (or maybe more) of pictures that I want to publish, and this month I’ve already got something interesting to develop as well.  So, september. When it was still sunny and very very warm. In color this time.

See you next time!


Hi there. Today’s a great Sunday! And now I think, why did people actually came up with 5-day work week? Why not 4? 3-day weekend is just so good. Well, I can question this decision but I guess I have to obey the rules. Unless I become good enough to break them 🙂 And today, woken up early, I still have a whole day in front of me. (Now that I write this post I am already way beyond awakening time).

One of the things I started to do over the large weekend was to keyword my image library. The reason why I started doing it was that it is getting hard (even in my pretty well-organized library) to get out of memory location of certain images, not mentioning the usecase “filter all images with clearly autumn mood” or so.  I started small in order to start because my catalog accumulated thousands of images over seven years. So I started with this month. And whatever I touch when I go through the images. What I wanted to share is that it is so hard to do it consistently, at least for me. Maybe you developed a workflow that works for you and want to share?

Otherwise, here’s one of a few street pictures that I left in color. I love reflections. And love what I started doing with reflections. When shooting within 16-35 range, everything is suddenly so close, including them. And they look nice in overall composition, sometimes.S-Bahn Operator

I am getting hungry. Where’s my bag of ramen?:) Thanks for stopping by today.

Tag Der Deutschen Einheit

Today’s a holiday! The day of reunification of Germany. And this is cool because it is one of the very few holidays that we have here in Berlin. It’s also nicely positioned on Friday this year, so it acts as a weekend extension. Thus, extra time to follow up on things which are usually left without attention because of lack of one.

What’s not so cool is that I think I’m sick. Well, at least sick enough to be willing to stay full day at home without too much movement. I’ve got big plans for tomorrow so I hope today I’ll recuperate so that they are still on.

Today, a mixture of black and white, still continuing the series started here. And since it looks as the last batch, keep in touch, new pictures will be here soon!

Thanks for stopping by today.

The Spirit of the Street

The street is called Invalidenstraße. And for already five (or even more) years, according to the people who’ve been here and enjoyed the view, the street was under construction. They dig it, do something, cover it, open up again… and there is nothing to stop them. Except, perhaps, if they finally finish and this M8 tram will finally start going to Hauptbahnhof. And Berlin’s construction works are famous for being finished on time and within the budget so some little hope exists (tag:sarcasm). Well, at least I can say that street landscape changes every day: almost every day I have to find a new route to the office through updated labyrinth of construction fences.

Long live Invalidenstraße. Es lebe Berlin.

The Spirit of Invalidenstraße

Thanks for stopping by today.

Warming up

Its getting colder outside, people are getting sick ah choo! and thus I am sharing this very very warm and inviting picture. I have a pleasure to see those flowers almost every day – one of courtyeards near my place is full of them, and they still look good. Another busy day left behind, another day before I go for va-ca-ti-on. Oh, I love the sound of this word 🙂

Die Blüme

Take care, don’t get sick, and thanks for stopping by!

Laputa – Castle in the Sky

Watched it again, after years now, five maybe. Miyazaki is amazing. And I am more and more happy about having ticket to Ghibli Museum. I wouldn’t like to be outside now – it’s a nice thunderstorm out there, one of that kind when you really really glad to be at home. I wanted to share a post in Russian today but somehow the day was so busy that I didn’t manage to finish it. So maybe tomorrow, if it’s not too outdated. Anyway, good night everyone. おやすみ

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Autumn Suns


My sensei tought me that abbreviation 🙂 Thank God it’s Friday it means. Ain’t it nice? Indeed Friday it is. And in front of me lies still a day full of interesting and challenging work, and probably a nice Friday evening, you never know what happens.

For weeks now I have a feeling that I have to rearrange something in my home: sell or throw away certain things, buy some new, and improve some existing ones. For example, I want to kick those wheels out of under my SKRUVSTA chair. Bad news are that I didn’t find necessary “plastic legs” in IKEA catalog, will have to go there in person.  Main challenge would be then not to buy something that looks reaaally good but something I don’t need at all:)

Also, I’m slowly thinking of what should I put to my list when travelling to Japan.. That’d be my fist long-way trip so I could miss somthing. What do you usually miss/forget when travelling? Let me learn from somebody else’s mistakes and make my own anyway😉

By the way, in the picture it’s view of my house’s courtyard now. Somebody nice scattered (on purpose?) some colorful balls all over the place 🙂 And it looks very cheerful to me 🙂


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