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A Sunday Post

The autumn is slowly getting its grip on Berlin, and with it – usual things – rains, clouds, colds. Even though today is a wonderfully sunny day, the stage has changed – it does not feel like summer any more – the wind is just a bit stronger and just a bit cooler, people’s clothes are just a bit heavier and more and more people prefer to stay in the coffee shop rather than sit outside. Autumn though is probably my favourite time of year here. In a few weeks all the greens will start turning into gold, and if we get lucky with a warm weather with timely rains, it would look incredible.

This blog might seem neglected for a while, but believe me it is neither forgotten nor given up upon. I try to write nowadays more than I ever did, but mostly – on paper. And sometimes you will see the results over here, good or bad.

Some people say that life consists of big events, but I disagree. I think life is a chain of details, little pleasant (or not so much) details: habits, chores and joys, like sitting next to the window, watching people in the street while sipping warm fruit tea. Do you agree?

On that note, I have to say good bye to you, close the laptop and get back to my practice. Wish you all a pleasant Sunday.

Ghosts of Shibuya

Tokyo, Shibuya crossing. Perhaps, one of the most famous pedestrian crossings in the world. Have been there three times, but only once – with a tripod. Playing around with it, this got this shot. There’s been so much time after my trip to Japan, and the more time passes, the more I miss it. Soon. Whenever I have a chance, I’ll go again.

7-Sheet Score

Long time no see 🙂 My life is now mostly revolving around my work and piano, with little bits of photography here and there, which I would more describe like “snapshotting”. Humming most of the time “Fantasia for Nausicaä”, it became an accompaniment for most of my pictures and actions. 7-sheet score, full of brilliant harmonies, changes of tempo, rhythm and mood – something to keep me busy learning till end of this year, I guess 🙂 I’ll embed it here, just in case you want to hear it, but beware, magic inside 😉

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Beautiful cathedral. Unfortunately, way too crowded at that day (or every day?). So crowded that I failed to appreciate the elegance of the place when I was at the spot. Now, looking through pictures, those shades of grey make my mouth water. I know it’s weird, but isn’t it really, strikingly, beautiful?

Merry Christmas!

Good morning everybody! Merry Christmas! I know I’m slightly late, but better late than never, right? In Russia we celebrate Orthodox Christmas on the night 6-7 January, so in this sense I’m just in time: somewhere in the middle between the two 🙂

This year is almost gone now, and it is time to write a usual “annual summary” post. No, not that one, that one’s special. Because it pictures snow! Real snow, can you imagine?;) In Germany, Christmas (and most of the time before it) was gloomy, rainy and gray. And warm.

The one ray of sunshine is that there may actually be a ray of sunshine on December 25th, with sun making an occasional appearance in amongst the rain and high winds. (The Local: Wet, windy, stormy Christmas in store)

But now things seem to be changing. Just the moment I took off to Dresden, it was snowing as if I was back to Russia. And it continued throughout a day, so that pavement became pleasantly crispy and white 🙂

Snowy Dresden

So I wish everybody again merry Christmas. Enjoy the last days of the year, revisit the most important events that happened, and make wishes for the next one: next is always better than the last one – one has a chance to live it. More than that, one has a chance to live it different.

Stay tuned! Ciao.

Город В.

Вчера, я долго говорил с родителями о России. Сегодня вечером мы провожали старый год, пока все не разъехались, не большой, но очень уютной русскоязычной компанией. А после я листал “Воронежскую Азбуку“, подаренную любимыми Мишей и Нютой. И вот сейчас, уже лежа в постели, я решился на пост. Потому что немного грустно.

Воронеж рождает в моей голове тысячу ассоциаций. Многие из них очень теплые, приятные. Не все, но так во всем. Так получилось, что последние месяцы я вообще старался не думать о нем, и обо всем что с ним меня связывает, сам того особо не осознавая. А теперь, пролистав книжку, поговорив с близкими, все как-то вспомнилось.

Voronezh Winter | Зима в Воронеже

Хороший город, Воронеж. К сожалению, город, о котором долгое время совсем не заботились. Город серый, довольно грязный, довольно плохо знающий слово “вежливость”, но время от времени рождающий жемчужины в виде людей, в нем живущих. Хороший город, в хорошей стране, у которой очень много проблем. Пусть хороших людей в нем становится больше. Может тогда и проблемы решатся.


Спать. Сладких всем снов.

Free Hugs

Do you know anybody giving away free hugs? I would enjoy one or two.. Although living alone is quite enjoyable from time to time (all the control-n-independence blah), sometimes you just want to wake up and feel a little warmer because, well, you don’t wake up alone. Uh, that’s autumn talking in me. It’s getting darker in the morning and now I remember exactly why at some point I wanted to have “wake up light”.

Not much to write, but still something. On Sunday I went to a quick walk through regierungsviertel (aka Bundeskanzleramt etc etc.) and was rewarded with some very nice views of mid-autumn colors. Not yet in their full power, but already close to it. This weekend I would definitely need to have another walk, not to miss the foliage peak. These are not the pictures you see below though, those are a bit older: some older street pictures, from around 3 weeks ago.

And if you also want a hug, than that’s mine. Beautiful Sveta from 2010 in bright summer colors:


Enjoy the day and see you next time!

The Weekend

As I mentioned yesterday, there was one extra day added to this weekend thanks to Germany’s Reunification. And I love that feeling: “it’s already second day of weekend, but it is Saturday!” 🙂 Also, as mentioned yesterday, I didn’t leave the apartment throughout the day, so I had a chance to watch couple of nice movies: Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind and Princess Mononoke. Both were produced by Studio Ghibli, the first one though, not officially – it was produced before the studio was founded.

Well, anyway, a long weekend, and today’s evening (if I’m lucky) should end with a concert. I mentioned it couple of times already, so I will not tell which one until it happens. So please wish me luck, since I still feel sick-ish. And as promised, some new pictures. Street and black and white.

Thanks for stopping by today.

Tag Der Deutschen Einheit

Today’s a holiday! The day of reunification of Germany. And this is cool because it is one of the very few holidays that we have here in Berlin. It’s also nicely positioned on Friday this year, so it acts as a weekend extension. Thus, extra time to follow up on things which are usually left without attention because of lack of one.

What’s not so cool is that I think I’m sick. Well, at least sick enough to be willing to stay full day at home without too much movement. I’ve got big plans for tomorrow so I hope today I’ll recuperate so that they are still on.

Today, a mixture of black and white, still continuing the series started here. And since it looks as the last batch, keep in touch, new pictures will be here soon!

Thanks for stopping by today.

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