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Festival of Lights: Alternative

Yesterday we did another round of visits to Festival of Lights together with Denis Konovalov and Nikolai Masnikov. Since it was my second time already, I had a bit of room for fun and experimentation without a burden of capturing the main festival sights. And thus, this time I wanted to publish an alternative look at festival of lights: some visitors, street musicians, and, well, everything that I considered interesting. This time, centred mostly around people.

Traditional festival pictures are still going to follow, stay tuned!

Berliner Dom

Berliner Dom (Berlin Cathedral) is the other popular landmark here. I think I visited the dome thrice by now, so good it was up there. It is also one of the most beautiful cathedrals I’ve seen, both from the inside and outside. And now, it is artistically lit in scope of Festival of Lights. Without further comments, enjoy:

See you next time..

Brandenburger Tor

Hi everybody. Another great day is almost over, no big news – all my time is going into preparations to this and that.. But now I can publish some pictures of one of the most recognisable symbols of Berlin: The Brandenburger Tor. I think I spent there most of my time, perhaps since it was also the first place I visited. I am only starting with night photography, but pictures seem to be looking pretty good. Have fun watching and take some time to visit the Festival if you happen to be around.

See you next time!

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