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Post of Gratitude

What is the most wonderful thing after playing piano? Right, listening and watching someone playing piano. Especially if that someone plays really well. Accompanied by a right drink and nice people, that can turn into a one good memory. And so it did. Playing until dark and beyond, sipping high-ball, talking – all that together made one great night. Bach, Chopin, Mozart, Satie, Hisaishi and others, so many of my favourites..

Yesterday night, sitting there and listening, I started to wonder: would that have been possible, if I didn’t move to Berlin? Technically, getting a bunch of people together to play piano – why not? There are plenty good musicians in Russia and Voronezh is not an exception. But then – when you consider where those people are from – it might become much harder.. Try getting Taiwanese and Japanese in the same room in Voronezh and most likely you’ll fail miserably. Try adding to that Dutch and German – chances will be close to zero, unless, you know, all those people will come there for you.

And it’s not really about Voronezh or Russia, it’s just that Berlin is so special. Living here, I got used to this feeling – being always in the middle of something, surrounded by those hundreds of interesting events and thousands of wonderful people. And I shouldn’t take it for granted. I guess it’s always like that – I never see what’s right under my nose. Well now, I am happy that such a charming night made me realise how wonderful the life is, and how rare and unique certain events are.

So to all and everybody I know, from Berlin or not. You are great. You make it click. And thank you for being in my life.

Meet Hikari

Some news are just itching so much one wants to spit them out right away:) Well, with me it sometimes is exactly the case – I’ve been waiting for so long 🙂 And I feel like a happy kid right now. My neighbours, on the other hand, probably feel like a happy kid lives upstairs, and they probably already dislike this kid.. Either way, a happy kid wants to introduce his new friend 🙂 Meet Hikari. She is Japanese, so she received Japanese name. And yes, she is “she”. Just because she is beautiful (good enough reason, right?). Well. That’s it 🙂 Now it’s the quiet hour, so I can’t play it at the moment to its full potential, so I’ll just go play with a manual 🙂 Nice evening, everyone!

A Post of Dreams

Do you see dreams? I do, almost every night. Except, perhaps those days when I am exhausted to the core and I just switch off and feel nothing until alarm clock yells at me in the morning. Happily (well, who knows..), I also remember mine. Sometimes I think it could be nice to keep a diary – maybe someone would see it and will make a nice movie from the pages. Still, I never wrote down a single one.

Actually, the whole reason I am writing this post is a dream I have seen last night. Apart of a few really weird scenes, a dear friend of mine (probably it was just my [sub]consciousness) asked me, in a fairly rude form: am I really happy where I am? Nothing unusual: I ask myself the very same question every now and then (agile, yup), and I would have forgotten it, if not the walk through the city I came back from a few minutes ago.

Walking home, watching the city scenes unfolding around: people walking dogs, sitting in bars, shouting at each other, kissing each other; all happening under the dim lights of those so-much-familiar street lamps; all happening on those always-wet-streets, cobbles shiny with rain drops. Watching all this, I remembered the dream, the friend and the question. Watching all this, quietly, so that no one else could hear, I said the answer.

With Beatles As A Soundtrack

I made a few attempts writing earlier and all of them kind of failed. I don’t know, just didn’t seem the right time. Who knows – maybe even that post will go straight into trash. Or not? Life’s boiling around and within, with a Beatles as a soundtrack. Scales, chords and arpeggios. Interrupts, sequence locks, and completely fair schedulers. Uttanasana, adho mukha svanasana, vira bhadrasana. Code, tests, reports and talking, talking, talking. Breath in, breath out. And that way, in a loop – that’s about what it is about. Kompliziert, ne? Not much, and mostly enjoyable. With Beatles as a soundtrack.

Made it! Not into trash! 😉


Not very often I get a chance to have a long look at the musical instrument, but then, in Musikinstrumentenmuseum Berlin, I had plenty of time. One thing I realise when looking at them is just how complex they are. All those details that changed through centuries, developing the sound, while keeping interfaces stable (sorry, nerdy slang). So, a few pictures, not that they show a great variety or anything, but I just wanted to share the passion 🙂

Endlich! (and Merry Christmas!)

Finally, one can say that a full-blown winter came to Berlin ^_^ With snow, frosty air and white walkers. Moreover, tonight is Orthodox Christmas! So, to all of you, who celebrate it, Merry Christmas!

Ever since I moved to Berlin, everybody asks me, whether I celebrate Christmas with catholics or not. The answer is – I celebrate it with people, whenever they do. That is, if there is a friend nearby on one of those days, I will most definitely share this holiday with them. Think of it: someone sometime long ago decided that this half of world will not (or will) change their calendar, and based on this, dates moved apart. But then, what was the purpose? In todays world, where everything is global, where world is becoming a new place of living, these details don’t matter anymore. At least to me. Anybody feels different?

A Very Musical Day

Blessed with lots of vacation days in the need to “spend”, I had a chance to visit Berliner Philarmonie’s lunch-concerts three times in a row. And I have to say, these were worth all the time spent. I love the idea: you come in for free, so noone gives you special treatment. If you don’t like it, you leave. You find a place on the floor for yourself, among like-minded individuals and enjoy 45 minutes of music (and thirty minutes of reading, if you prefer, like I do, to come some time in advance). Sometimes you hear several composers in one session, sometimes – just one. And then you leave, having a day full of time to think of what you just heard. Or to continue running on whatever business you had.

Today, in addition to the above-mentioned, (since I was accompanied by aswesome N. and I.) we decided to have a look at the museum of the musical instruments, in the same Philarmonie building. What it turned out to be – even more music, both listened to and touched (well, it is not too legal to touch things there, but sometimes you just can’t stop to see how it feels…).

I love such “thematic” days. It is not so often that I can find such an outlet for thoughts in the middle of the environment I live in. Perhaps, that’s the beauty of Berlin. But probably it’s just luck. Luck, and a little bit of inquisitiveness. Either way, if you have a little time on Tuesday middays, give it a try, maybe you’ll like it.

Happy New Year!

And again, in a blink of an eye, the 2015 year passed, handing over its place to the new, year 2016. Time for celebrations, time for a pause, before life starts spinning anew, from a blank page. I wish everyone of you to be happy this year. Happy, regardless of what it means personally for you.

Last year I had grand plans, and grand goals. And some of them have been fulfilled:

  • I enjoyed working, discovering new things, and delivering new things with our awesome HERE family (can’t say more here, sorry).
  • Read one classic computer science book and countless scientific papers with regards to two favourite areas: road network routing and machine learning.
  • Taken and successfully finished machine learning at coursera.
  • Travelled. Even if not a lot, and even if mostly locally in Germany, but nonetheless.
  • Transformed the feeling I have when looking at the sheet music (from primal fear towards curiosity and excitement 😉 ) and learnt new songs, both popular and classical.
  • Redesigned and delivered (even if partially, yet) my page and blog. More to do remains, though.
  • Actually improved my Japanese (in the beginning of the year), although forgot most of it again (end of year) 🙂

What I didn’t do (or what I don’t consider fulfilled):

  • Race 10K and a half-marathon. That is probably by far saddest part. To be honest, I almost didn’t run this year. I hope next will be better.
  • Take pictures. The way I wanted to. You’ve probably noticed that. Last year, I wanted to do far more people/portrait/city-life shots, and start a project (which I still have in mind, [almost] all the time), but I didn’t.
  • Take German course. Well, honestly, I expected that. I won’t put this goal on the list any more. It is actually far more fun to read manga in German than to take a course.

My goals for the year 2016 are still in setting stage, however I definitely know that there will be less of them. I feel much better when I can concentrate on something and free my mind of everything else. Also, what I learnt is – whatever I do in my free time, I better enjoy it. Life is too short to do things you don’t enjoy. And, if there’s something you have to do, even if unpleasant, think of life as a box of chocolates:

You know, they’ve got these chocolate assortments, and you like some but you don’t like others? And you eat all the ones you like, and the only ones left are the ones you don’t like as much? I always think about that when something painful comes up. “Now I just have to polish these off, and everything’ll be OK.’ Life is a box of chocolates.”

“Norwegian Wood”, Haruki Murakami.

So, to conclude this long (and probably rather boring for you) post, I wish you all again a happy new year. To feel, by the end of it, that you would like the next one to be just as good as that.

Frohes Neues!

Alt-J and Hundreds in one go :)

First of all, sorry for being silent for last three weeks. Coursera, Piano and work totally occupied my time and I had no opportunity (and energy) to write a few lines. Also, I haven’t used my camera for a little while, and was reluctant posting old pictures 🙂 You know, every time 6 months passes since I’ve taken the picture, I don’t like it anymore, no matter what 🙁 Well, since the course I took is coming to an end, I might shoot more every day now 😉

Now to the point. Alt-J! Hundreds! In one concert! 🙂 It was a pleasant surprise to see my Hamburg’s favourites at the venue. They were not announced upfront, and I almost jumped when I knew who’s warming up the venue 🙂 It was quite awesome 🙂 Both of them. A lot of sound, a lot of light, beautiful (no, Beautiful) light engineering and visual effects. And earplugs 🙂 Now, playlist will be full of them for the next few days. And maybe I should get one of their songs to play on the piano. And of course, being there with brilliant C. & J. was fun-fun 🙂

Otherwise, life goes on, better every day (even if a little). I think, with all my recent happenings, I was forced to try to find some harmony in staying home, some peace of mind, so to say. Not sure I am there yet, but I definitely thought a few things through. (Every time saying something like that I have a terrible feeling inside like “Yeah, I’ve said I learnt something, but you know, I’ll screw it up again, some time, definitely.”. So yeah, I probably will. And will learn from that).

Thanks for being with me. Yours.

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