Pulled Apart

This picture is one of those where a split second mattered. Just as I noticed these birds floating face to face, park staff started to pull them apart. If they weren’t made of plastic, that would be one heartbreaking scene 🙂 And as they were, it was just metaphorical. Have a great week, everyone!

Digging into the Past

Sometimes you wake up early in the morning, check your instagram account and find there an old acquaintance. “Hey there, acquaintance, any news?” – you say and dig into their account. And then, you see things you expected to see, except you were really wishing you won’t, so that a question still stays a question, a secret remains untold. Or at least, not shared with you. But it isn’t. “Hey there, these are my news!” – their account says, and then “click!”. It f@cks up your mood even though you know it’s stupid. Even though you know it’s past, and it’s wa-a-ay in the past, gone like booze from that bachelor party you never had. And then it rains. And you sit there, staring at those drops thinking “Why the heck do I even care?”. No answers. I guess it’s just human nature, we get sad on account of other people doing shit that (and now, important) might-have-touched-us-in-the-past-but-it-does-not-anymore. Fun? No. Worth it? No. Will I still do it? Not when I finish writing that. “Hey there, acquaintance. Please continue doing all that shit if it makes you happy!”. Ciao.

Oh, and it’s still that Ueno Park in the pictures. Still my first 12 hours in Tokyo. I wonder when I get past that date 😀

The Songs of Escape: Finale (Part IV)

(it all started here)

14. Rallentando, Grave

Next days seemed like hell to her. She tried to pull herself together, but she couldn’t. What she had done was out of the ordinary even for this world, she realized, and she knew she was being punished for that. She lost all the interest in playing. She did a minimum of what was required from her to survive. Nothing mattered to her anymore. If she only managed to pass one word to the “other her”, and it took her that much, she would sooner die than get out of that place.

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Ueno Foodstands

If anything, there’s at least one thing almost everyone misses after leaving Japan – food. My favourite one this trip was coming from the streets: the kind of things you can get in a park or at the occasional stand in Tokyo. Stands in the pictures here supplied me with first official (warm, as I ate several onigiri upfront) Japanese supper 🙂 Ah, just thinking of that made mouth water. Enough torture for today. Ein Schnizel bitte! 😉

A Short Report

I didn’t think I would write anything about this trip soon, and as you can see, it is [not] happening. Although I’ve been posting to Instagram like crazy, the purpose of this trip was not actually taking pictures. Okay, I am being serious right now. When packing my daypack and discovering that without water it already went beyond 7kg (a critical mass-dash-threshold of always-with-me weight), I even had to sacrifice one of the cameras for a lighter trip. And you know what? It was worth it. Still, I’ve got more than 3k pictures from my camera and phone combined. Still, I will spend ages developing them, but you know what? The coolest part of the travelling was being there. Walking along Meguro river listening to my favourite Hisaishi tunes. Meeting my old friends and getting to know strangers. Playing games at SEGA arcades. Looking for that “One” Gacha-Gacha hoping to find it somewhere. Devouring all the food I can lay my hands on. All those sweets at 7-Eleven… :D. Riding shinkansen until I feel it’s too much (although, “too much” didn’t happen, can you believe it?). Drinking shochu until I feel like helicopter took off with my head leaving the body behind. All that, and more. So much more than I ever had in my life, packed into those wonderful seventeen days in Japan, all the way from Tokyo to Kagoshima. Was it enough? Oh, I don’t think so. Will I go again? I think so. Can it ever go better? Even if not, I don’t really care. I feel I’m in love with this country. And yes, I know, I am looking only at it’s better sides, but then – it is showing them, so no blaming me.

This time, pictures will go in order. And will be developed in order. It will take a lot of time, but here it goes. I am in no hurry, just have to finish until the next trip 😉 Stay tuned!

The Songs of Escape, Part III

(it all started here)

7. Ritardando, Moderato

Next hours past uneventful. She practiced, rehearsing entire program once again. Then she took a take-away lunch from the Asian noodle stand in the subway and finished it at one of her favorite spots – top of the fire escape staircase, at the side of the building. As a performer she could sometimes talk guards into giving her special privileges, and she was not feeling a least bit guilty about it. After spending some time there, she took a walk around the Philharmonie to calm her nerves. All these events of last days took their toll on her. That girl and her note. Don’t. The image was still in front of her, so vivid was the scene. “Once done with the performance, I would take a trip home” – she promised herself. But after all, five hundred people were going to see her tonight. She was thrilled and she knew she would deliver. She simply had to.

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My lover, My best friend.

Thanks to a friend of mine, I spent an evening listening to one of the best albums I’ve ever heard and reading one of the most heart-breaking stories I have ever read (yet, thankfully, with a happy end). Daniel, you are an example. The Example. Every person who ever been hospitalised can relate to your story, myself not quite being an exception. Not everyone had went through this, though. Luckily. With all the hell broken through on you in these three months, you made it. And you made it worth, with all the music, the passion and dedication, with all the sharing. I know you will never read this, but I wish you all the best. Thank you, Daniel.

Watching the colours turning gray, in the passing light of day.

In the passing light of day.

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