I remember saying once, how it would be awesome to go back in time and visit Joe’s concert in Budokan. It was 2008, so just ten years would be enough. Was it a dream? Sort of. A sort of one that I knew could never be realized.

And you know what? I was so wrong: dreams come true, they do. Some of them, at least 🙂 Not back in the past, but right now. Not in Tokyo, but in Paris. With new music (Kaze Tachinu), surprises (percussions in the back and brass orchestra marching through the hall for Tenkuu no Shiro Laputa), and the most wonderful atmosphere ever. Miyazaki people all over the world united 😉 He came on stage causing a loudest burst of applause I ever heard, and I mean it, and he couldn’t go back even after two encores, everyone waited for that opportunity long enough to clap a little longer and a little louder 🙂 He was smiling, just like in records 🙂 Ever seen conductor smile? He did that all the time. It almost felt like he was flirting with the orchestra. The marching orchestra – that was just like in Budokan. I had two horns next to me 😀 Such a funny instrument 🙂 What else? Nausicaä, Mononoke, Kiki, Jiro and Nahoko, Ponyo, Lusheeta Toel Ur Laputa, Porco, Howl, Chihiro and finally Totoro – they all been there 🙂 Kimi wo Nosete, done by a fabulous choir – I couldn’t hold myself together. Incredible.

Half a year wait was worth it. Going to Paris was worth it. Everything was worth it. Thank you, Hisaishi-san. You made a dream come true. Doumo arigatou.


Update: Wanted to post this few hours earlier and discovered that some of the pictures on my NAS became corrupt. Sadly, exactly those from Mitaka.. Hope Glacier contains them. Either way, don’t forget to make backups.