I think they call it preface.

During last months I was writing mostly, as it is said in Russia, into the table. Some of it, handwritten in my notepads, some – in drafts here, in this blog. But none of it had seen “the light of day”. As you (if you follow this blog) probably know, I am not a very shy person when it comes to sharing, but then – something made me lock it all in a drawer. I think the reason was (well, probably still is) – my writing is never good enough. And now I am asking this question – good enough for exactly what? What is that standard that told that Mr. X has to write the bestseller every time he sits in front of the keyboard, and otherwise never show the results to anyone? Right – there is no such standard. And thus, I think I have to spit it all out. Brace yourself 😉

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