An important date. A big milestone. Five years ago I arrived at TXL with a suitcase with a “heavy” sticker, a backpack full of photographic equipment and enthusiasm. After five years, I still live here, still work at the same company, own few more things, apart from that same suitcase, and still (hopefully) have same level of enthusiasm.

Five years. Is that long or short? For me, it is a bit more than 17% of a lifetime. May seem not much, but then, a lot had happened. If I look back, I would see a different person. For most of changes, I thank you, my friends. You, those who have been helping me all this time. You, those who mentored me, inspired me and gave me a shake when I needed it. You, those who did not let me stop at what I am. Thank you.

What now? I guess, all the same. I love it here. And ever more so with every day. So, I will keep going, forward, always forward.

What I could wish to myself? If I may be frank for a moment, I would wish to find that someone whom I’d like to see at my place when I come back from work. Yes, that would be my wish. I’ll let you know when it is granted.

Thanks for staying with me so far. It’s all because of you 😉