The autumn is slowly getting its grip on Berlin, and with it – usual things – rains, clouds, colds. Even though today is a wonderfully sunny day, the stage has changed – it does not feel like summer any more – the wind is just a bit stronger and just a bit cooler, people’s clothes are just a bit heavier and more and more people prefer to stay in the coffee shop rather than sit outside. Autumn though is probably my favourite time of year here. In a few weeks all the greens will start turning into gold, and if we get lucky with a warm weather with timely rains, it would look incredible.

This blog might seem neglected for a while, but believe me it is neither forgotten nor given up upon. I try to write nowadays more than I ever did, but mostly – on paper. And sometimes you will see the results over here, good or bad.

Some people say that life consists of big events, but I disagree. I think life is a chain of details, little pleasant (or not so much) details: habits, chores and joys, like sitting next to the window, watching people in the street while sipping warm fruit tea. Do you agree?

On that note, I have to say good bye to you, close the laptop and get back to my practice. Wish you all a pleasant Sunday.