Sun is slowly getting closer to the horizon. Despite the rainy morning, evening happens to be very pleasant, with just a touch of wind, rays of sunshine delicately warming up the body. It is a bit hard to believe, but it is summer. Writing this post means that I am actually back to the reality, or to the routine. And indeed, except for a little sun-tanned skin, there is almost no reminder of the fact that I was out for some time. Habits are strong and hard to break.

Two flights, six days and seven nights. It’s probably hard to imagine, but it was my first time to get out to the beach by myself. I loved it, to be honest. It was a little lonely some times, at other I had to introduce myself to strangers so often it was almost annoying. But still, spending time with myself, outside of the usual comfort zone – that was a pleasure. Next time I am going somewhere though, I would need to take a dedicated notepad. Having lots and lots of time and extremely meditative surroundings, I couldn’t resist scribbling a bit here and there. Nothing fancy, just notes, to remember few moments better. Memories fade, words don’t. This feeling of holding a pen and writing on the real paper, feeling that was forgotten very well, I realised I like it very much. Fingers are trained for the keyboard now, so writing is much slower at first, but eventually it starts to go smoothly (my handwriting though became much worse over time – as if I became lazy).

I don’t have many news to share now, to be honest. I think I am becoming more secretive of what is happening with me or around me, not that too much does. Or maybe I just don’t see the point in sharing that with “The Internet”. Either way, the urge to write is hard to resist. So, if you don’t mind, I’ll just type in some notes from the trip.

Cannot stop singing “Trains”. I think I have to learn to play it, and sing, together. The beach. Perhaps, my favourite place here. Waves are strong today, so people stay away from the water, except those two meters where the worst thing to happen is to get some water in your pants. It is getting close to midday. Sun is strong, but never burning. Actually, it burns, but does it sort of silently, cowardly, without you noticing much.

I wonder how many people came here alone, like me. Definitely no one in my vicinity is scribbling in their notepads as they sit on the beach. As well as nobody is reading huge books in a bar at 12am, nobody else, that is. I like this being on my own. Watching people, waves, humming a familiar song. Yesterday evening there was this girl sitting on a bench nearby. Tiny body, dark skin, dark clothes, circle-shaped glasses, she had a guitar and a large A4 notebook filled with lyrics and chord fingerings, all drawn by hand. She was playing and sinning what seemed to be her own songs, quietly, almost on the edge of hearing. As little shy, but very intimate. This evening I made a mistake: not asking for permission to take a seat next to her. When I came around next time, the spot was occupied. Carpe Diem, Alexey.

Golden sunset. Sitting on the stone wall, rocks and waves in front of me. Behind me – some young people smoking pot. One of them just took a little bag from the stash almost under me. It took him some time to realise I am not a threat, it seems. Never before sat on someone else’s pot 🙂

Now, with a sense of achievement, time to relax a little. Have a pleasant evening, everybody!