Where does inspiration come from? A sunny day, or a rainy one? People around, or solitude? Music, street sounds or complete silence? Because, ultimately, for good outcome one always needs passion, emotional attachment and – right – inspiration. I don’t think there’s an answer to any of the questions above, at least not a definite one – everyone has their own “thing”, something that keeps them going.

What is that “thing” for me? I guess there should be a few of them. One of them is coffee. More concrete – taking a pitcher of V60, or just a cup of flat white in a favourite shop, watching people and reading a book – makes me think and detach at the same time. Relax and gather energy to direct it later into something bigger, something more important (well, at least for me). Another – taking a walk near the river – looking at the water flow. Maybe I could count a few more, but that’s not the point.

All that is just a part of the picture. Recently a friend of mine shared an interesting concept – “Breaking the Routine”. Whatever we incorporate in our life, if not carefully adjusted every now and then, inevitably becomes part of everyday-expected-behaviour – the behaviour one expect from themselves. There is another word for that – chore. So, if things are left as they are, everything, want it or not, will be consumed by routine. So where is the “breaking” part? In changes – any little change, a little adjustment, a little step beyond (or even back) – just that transforms the action and gives it a new flavour. What is the lesson then? Changes are vital.

And thus coffee will at some point become a chore (that is actually pretty easy to achieve), just as well as walking the riverbank, as long as it is the same ever-and-ever-again. And thus, things have to change. A little at a time.