Do you see dreams? I do, almost every night. Except, perhaps those days when I am exhausted to the core and I just switch off and feel nothing until alarm clock yells at me in the morning. Happily (well, who knows..), I also remember mine. Sometimes I think it could be nice to keep a diary – maybe someone would see it and will make a nice movie from the pages. Still, I never wrote down a single one.

Actually, the whole reason I am writing this post is a dream I have seen last night. Apart of a few really weird scenes, a dear friend of mine (probably it was just my [sub]consciousness) asked me, in a fairly rude form: am I really happy where I am? Nothing unusual: I ask myself the very same question every now and then (agile, yup), and I would have forgotten it, if not the walk through the city I came back from a few minutes ago.

Walking home, watching the city scenes unfolding around: people walking dogs, sitting in bars, shouting at each other, kissing each other; all happening under the dim lights of those so-much-familiar street lamps; all happening on those always-wet-streets, cobbles shiny with rain drops. Watching all this, I remembered the dream, the friend and the question. Watching all this, quietly, so that no one else could hear, I said the answer.