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A Post of Dreams

Do you see dreams? I do, almost every night. Except, perhaps those days when I am exhausted to the core and I just switch off and feel nothing until alarm clock yells at me in the morning. Happily (well, who knows..), I also remember mine. Sometimes I think it could be nice to keep a diary – maybe someone would see it and will make a nice movie from the pages. Still, I never wrote down a single one.

Actually, the whole reason I am writing this post is a dream I have seen last night. Apart of a few really weird scenes, a dear friend of mine (probably it was just my [sub]consciousness) asked me, in a fairly rude form: am I really happy where I am? Nothing unusual: I ask myself the very same question every now and then (agile, yup), and I would have forgotten it, if not the walk through the city I came back from a few minutes ago.

Walking home, watching the city scenes unfolding around: people walking dogs, sitting in bars, shouting at each other, kissing each other; all happening under the dim lights of those so-much-familiar street lamps; all happening on those always-wet-streets, cobbles shiny with rain drops. Watching all this, I remembered the dream, the friend and the question. Watching all this, quietly, so that no one else could hear, I said the answer.

With Beatles As A Soundtrack

I made a few attempts writing earlier and all of them kind of failed. I don’t know, just didn’t seem the right time. Who knows – maybe even that post will go straight into trash. Or not? Life’s boiling around and within, with a Beatles as a soundtrack. Scales, chords and arpeggios. Interrupts, sequence locks, and completely fair schedulers. Uttanasana, adho mukha svanasana, vira bhadrasana. Code, tests, reports and talking, talking, talking. Breath in, breath out. And that way, in a loop – that’s about what it is about. Kompliziert, ne? Not much, and mostly enjoyable. With Beatles as a soundtrack.

Made it! Not into trash! 😉

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