Just a post of a picture. For some reason I don’t have anything to say. I am changing, and sometimes I am not recognising this person I look in the mirror at. Not literally, of course I find those nooks and crannies familiar. But sometimes I do things I have never, ever done before. And I don’t feel anything. Like, you know, I should’ve felt something and “Bamm!” – no reaction. At all. No answer deep (or deeper) inside, as if the full-metal jacket covers me. Did I say, I have nothing to say? I lied 😛 Well, still it’s not much of value, but I guess that’s what blogs are made for (except those that are sold and used up as mass media). Either way, I am done for today. And I want a cup of tea. So I’ll go and help myself to a cup of tea. And marmalade. With orange peels. Be jealous. And have a great night/day/evening wherever you are.