Blessed with lots of vacation days in the need to “spend”, I had a chance to visit Berliner Philarmonie’s lunch-concerts three times in a row. And I have to say, these were worth all the time spent. I love the idea: you come in for free, so noone gives you special treatment. If you don’t like it, you leave. You find a place on the floor for yourself, among like-minded individuals and enjoy 45 minutes of music (and thirty minutes of reading, if you prefer, like I do, to come some time in advance). Sometimes you hear several composers in one session, sometimes – just one. And then you leave, having a day full of time to think of what you just heard. Or to continue running on whatever business you had.

Today, in addition to the above-mentioned, (since I was accompanied by aswesome N. and I.) we decided to have a look at the museum of the musical instruments, in the same Philarmonie building. What it turned out to be – even more music, both listened to and touched (well, it is not too legal to touch things there, but sometimes you just can’t stop to see how it feels…).

I love such “thematic” days. It is not so often that I can find such an outlet for thoughts in the middle of the environment I live in. Perhaps, that’s the beauty of Berlin. But probably it’s just luck. Luck, and a little bit of inquisitiveness. Either way, if you have a little time on Tuesday middays, give it a try, maybe you’ll like it.