Although there are a few weeks till year’s end, I already have that sentimental feeling… Summary? No, this will not be a post of summaries. I think, I am not in the right mood: summaries need pragmatic me, a “planner me”. What I can rely on now is a poetic (hehe), “feeling me”. One year. Think of it, this is so much time. How much one can create in one year. How much one can accomplish. My plans for this year were grand, yet I fulfilled a few. Am I not happy? Doch! I am happy. Little things that were built up around me, they cheer me up. All the people I talked to, all the people I worked with, hanged out with. All the music I played (and all I didn’t dare to play), the movies watched, the books read. The thoughts.. thought (sorry *g*).

I know, tomorrow I will wake up and feel different. “Planner me” is a fierce creature, which should be restrained from time to time, but even it sometimes gives up for a while 🙂 I hope, year from now, looking back, I will look back and smile. Just as I am doing now. And now it’s thanks to you, those who been around, and to those who are 🙂 I told, I am sentimental 😉 gomen.