First of all, sorry for being silent for last three weeks. Coursera, Piano and work totally occupied my time and I had no opportunity (and energy) to write a few lines. Also, I haven’t used my camera for a little while, and was reluctant posting old pictures 🙂 You know, every time 6 months passes since I’ve taken the picture, I don’t like it anymore, no matter what 🙁 Well, since the course I took is coming to an end, I might shoot more every day now 😉

Now to the point. Alt-J! Hundreds! In one concert! 🙂 It was a pleasant surprise to see my Hamburg’s favourites at the venue. They were not announced upfront, and I almost jumped when I knew who’s warming up the venue 🙂 It was quite awesome 🙂 Both of them. A lot of sound, a lot of light, beautiful (no, Beautiful) light engineering and visual effects. And earplugs 🙂 Now, playlist will be full of them for the next few days. And maybe I should get one of their songs to play on the piano. And of course, being there with brilliant C. & J. was fun-fun 🙂

Otherwise, life goes on, better every day (even if a little). I think, with all my recent happenings, I was forced to try to find some harmony in staying home, some peace of mind, so to say. Not sure I am there yet, but I definitely thought a few things through. (Every time saying something like that I have a terrible feeling inside like “Yeah, I’ve said I learnt something, but you know, I’ll screw it up again, some time, definitely.”. So yeah, I probably will. And will learn from that).

Thanks for being with me. Yours.