In Mathematics, twenty-seven is known for:

And starting from today it’s also my age.

Previous year of my life was rich on happenings. It started out in Japan and helped me to slow down, realise and understand a few things. It brought lots of nice moments, helped to discover new interests, people, and made my relationship with many people much closer (and that excluding all those personal links in Persona ;). It brought challenges, few small ones and few bigger, though it was kind to me nevertheless. So I am grateful to it. It was an important year.

And now this year just started. With Matcha, with Pu-Erh, with Czerny, Bach and Hisaishi; with Coursera; with Berlin and of course with Framing.Life. And I am sure this year will be wonderful.

And, to all of you, many thanks for your nice words and wishes 🙂 You all made my day 🙂