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Parisan Metro

This picture was done during the last trip to Paris. Armed with my little X-100 I wanted to do as much street photography as I could get. Sometimes it was fruitful 🙂

Today, by the way, I’ve updated the design of a little. I was experimenting for a few months till I realised I found something I like more than before. And it’s more obvious now that there is a actual content under full-screen gallery. Hopefully 🙂

Autumn in Berlin is awesome this year. So, everybody, get out and enjoy the weekend.


Somehow, I find all signs beautiful 🙂 And the more, the merrier. So this particular place in Nakano was a sign paradise 🙂 Good night, everybody!

Shibuya Moving

I’ve got quite a few images that I set aside ‘for later’ and never returned 🙂 Some of them are from Japan ^_^ Maybe in the next few days I will share a couple. Good night, everyone.

Multi-layered Berlin

Another photograph with multiple layers compressed together. Berlin, Mauerpark, sometime around a month ago.

Yesterday I’ve been to JustMusic to play on some nice electric pianos and I feel I found my instrument 🙂 Not a Steinway, but a rather nice piece of Japanese perfectionism. Now I need to save enough money to actually buy it (and as well learn a few more compositions to deserve it) so once all done, I’ll have it here with me 🙂 Or not 🙂 Let’s see what happens.

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Actually, it is a little bit lonely. I think it’s just autumn. And maybe I need an extra cup of that organic cacao. Yup, should work.


This night, I was dreaming of you. Of those three hours spent with you. Walking you path, climbing your stairs. Time to go back.

Autumn Afternoon

Another working week is almost through, tomorrow is a Friday. Liszt is filling the room with his Sonata B minor. Rain is falling down out there in the street. It’s dark, cold and wet outside, and I feel rather happy I don’t have to go anywhere except bedroom today. Time flies so much faster when you’re busy.. This week’s free time was occupied predominantly with practicing. Actually, I don’t have much more to say, just wanted to share the picture and wish you all a nice Friday 🙂

Red over Blue

Autumn is finally here, by all means. Actually, if not already gone, stepping aside for winter to take place – lately it was really really cold in Berlin. Over time I noticed, that the more it rains in October, and the longer it stays warm, the more vivid are the colours. I hope that it will get warmer and this autumn I will find some nice scenery to shoot. For now, just this picture. My first experiment with a polarisation filter. Interesting beast, cir pol. It needs some practice to understand how to benefit from it.

Once I open the window, it gets really cold at home. So it’s now time for warm tea in the evening, and for cocoa in the morning. And I wish time slows down so that it’s enough to enjoy the change of seasons.


Did I tell you my life is more about music these days already? I guess I did. So last evenings were spent in reading and watching advice on practicing piano and (uh..) I found that I was doing few things quite (or better be honest and say “very”) wrong. But, as you know, accepting the problem is the first step towards fixing it. Which will be my goal for some time. Today I received my copy of “Hanon” and looked over it in horror… It will keep me occupied for many years 🙂

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Work Week Start

This weekend was nice and productive and can be summarised with following keywords: anime, coursera, piano and photos 🙂 Yup, that’s a lot and yummy in comparison to my last few months 🙂 So I am slowly getting there 😉 Either way, a new week has started and I wish you all to have a good and productive day!

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