On Sunday I wanted to celebrate extension of M10’s tracks up to Hauptbahnhof (even beyond, actually) by going there by tram and then taking a walk along the Spree, but I was interrupted. Namely, I saw people somewhere I’ve never seen them before. Or even better, somewhere, where I know for sure they are not supposed to be: bridge, connecting Bunedeskanzleramt and the other bank of Spree. Turned out, exactly the same day german government decided to open a few doors for visitors. With no hesitation, I went to see the place, for what was rewarded by a few pictures and an appearance (and a picture) of Frau Merkel herself. Still think that buildings in the Regierungsviertel are pieces of art. Concrete, glass and ivy – simple and very very beautiful.

I am actually on vacation since two days now. Doesn’t feel like that at all… Last weeks’ events make me eager to get to the office rather sooner than later. But I’ve got some great news – my family is coming over soon, for the first time since I am in Berlin. So it’ll be an exciting week 🙂