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Fiery Sky

One of the bonuses of my new apartment layout is that I can work and stare into the street at the same time (well, almost). And sometimes this makes me stand up and fetch camera as fast as possible. Like this frame, for example. It reminds me of the episode of Doctor Who where he burned some sontarans’ gas over the planet.. And this makes me wonder why I remember such things and cannot remember calculus which I’ve been diligently learning for two years…

P.S.: Framing Life is getting ready for the autumn 🙂 Thus main page’s been updated with new-old pictures 🙂 I hope you like them. And there were several more minor improvements here and there, feel free to send me bugreports 🙂

7-Sheet Score

Long time no see 🙂 My life is now mostly revolving around my work and piano, with little bits of photography here and there, which I would more describe like “snapshotting”. Humming most of the time “Fantasia for Nausicaä”, it became an accompaniment for most of my pictures and actions. 7-sheet score, full of brilliant harmonies, changes of tempo, rhythm and mood – something to keep me busy learning till end of this year, I guess 🙂 I’ll embed it here, just in case you want to hear it, but beware, magic inside 😉

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A Fresh Pic

Just as a proof (perhaps for myself, hehe) that I do still take my good old camera out for a walk or two sometime. And also a proof that it is awesome. Yup, we love each other. Those guys have been playing today next to the Mauerpark. The music and their attitude was so funny it made my mood for the rest of the walk 🙂 Thus, a pic is also a form of gratitude.

Iteration Four

If you are visiting this blog, you might have noticed that the logo of the website has changed again. I would refer to it as an iteration four, from what I originally started. Every time my goal is to simplify it, delivering the same semantics. So this time it is simpler, and, perhaps, a bit more modern. Still, I am not sure it’s the end 🙂 What are your feelings about it?

Rainy Happiness

I always loved autumn. I think, among seasons it is my favourite, especially the way it is now. Weather is changing five times a day, switching between gloomy-cloudy, sunny and a light rain. I am not sure what I like more – the variety or some stage in particular, but combination just makes me feel alive. Recently, I made some changes to my place so that I can spend more time near my huge windows. And now it starts to pay off. Imagine the feeling when you code in a “flow” state on your laptop and it rains in one meter in front of you. And you hear that because windows are open. Ain’t that good? I love Berlin. I love my place here. And regardless of myriads of those little difficulties I face from time to time, I love the fact that simply sitting in front of the window and watching the rain fall can make me happy.


A few weeks ago I rediscovered this amazing fruit for myself. Before that, last time I ate a grapefruit was probably five to seven years ago (don’t ask me how I know that, nerd). But oh-my. They are so delicious 🙂 And they are also sunny and cheerful, all red and orange, like a little portable bitter-sour sun that lits up the day in the morning. Or in the afternoon 🙂

Oh, and about the picture. This one was, obviously, made in Paris. This kind of view can be seen from the Montparnasse tower (and according to the guide it’s the only place where you can have a nice view of Paris without an ugly oversized lipstick standing in the middle..). And since the roof is nicely covered with glass on the sides, it’s not windy there at all.



There are two things in Berlin that I totally love (well, there are more, but now I’m talking about these two): doorways and windows. There is such a great variety of those in the city, it is incredible: all colours, shapes and states of maintenance one can think of. One of the reasons I love to have my 35mm around, even if I don’t plan to shoot anything. I think the texture you can see in all different facades is just incredible. And geometry.. All the order, those lines. And yet, here and there there’s this occasional pot with flowers that adds some extra charm. I feel sentimental 🙂


On one day I went to the church next to my place, Zionskirche. It is probably one of my top favourites in the city because of its look – stone and wood, lots of cracks here and there. When I entered it and felt lucky again: two violins and a little organ were playing some music from Bach 🙂 It was lovely to sit down and listen in. There was some extra charm in this music.. Perhaps because it was in a church, perhaps because it was rather spontaneous, perhaps because they interrupted from time to time, laughed and continued again or perhaps because the whole church was almost empty. This all summed up in the end to become a rather pleasant experience 🙂


Recently my family came over to my place so I didn’t have that much of a chance to post anything. But maybe now in a few minutes I could write something. There are not that many news, actually. Somehow most of the time I feel in a “paused” state. Soon my vacation will be over and I (hurray!) will be back to work. I miss it, really. Need to be careful though, it kind of feels I did not manage to fully recover yet. Sorry for the blah-blah, just writing whatever my head thinks of. In a meanwhile, got my two new pieces of furniture assembled (hurray!) and my living room transformed into space where I can (both) work and relax. This feels kind of cool, I didn’t expect that much impact. You should see that.. So come over for a cup of tea 😉

Bundeskanzleramt: Doors are Open

On Sunday I wanted to celebrate extension of M10’s tracks up to Hauptbahnhof (even beyond, actually) by going there by tram and then taking a walk along the Spree, but I was interrupted. Namely, I saw people somewhere I’ve never seen them before. Or even better, somewhere, where I know for sure they are not supposed to be: bridge, connecting Bunedeskanzleramt and the other bank of Spree. Turned out, exactly the same day german government decided to open a few doors for visitors. With no hesitation, I went to see the place, for what was rewarded by a few pictures and an appearance (and a picture) of Frau Merkel herself. Still think that buildings in the Regierungsviertel are pieces of art. Concrete, glass and ivy – simple and very very beautiful.

I am actually on vacation since two days now. Doesn’t feel like that at all… Last weeks’ events make me eager to get to the office rather sooner than later. But I’ve got some great news – my family is coming over soon, for the first time since I am in Berlin. So it’ll be an exciting week 🙂

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