Before that time, I’ve never seen pigeons drinking water directly out of the pipe. As it turns out, that is possible. It also was brave enough to let me come close and stare at the the performance being really close. Never happened again 🙂 So if you’re in Tübingen, be on the lookout for those.

I am trying now to spend some time arranging portfolio of my images and thus discovering images here and there. It was not a very productive time shooting recently, so most of pictures that you’ll see in the nearest future will be from the archives (but honestly, I’ve got to follow up on them better, there’s so much of unpublished material, not to mention non-developed ones…)

Today received an interesting book to read in following days: Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning. I already foresee how many evenings it would take to get through these 700+ pages of pure knowledge 🙂 But then, I have time.