Hi everybody. I kept silent for quite a while now, several reasons for that. Few things happened, few unexpected challenges, but mainly I wasn’t posting anything because I wanted to come out with something new, something different this time. Something a little bit bigger than usual. It is always a challenge for me – to display my work the way I want people to see it. And now I think I did another step to improve in this direction. And the name of this step is framing.life.

After many evenings spent thinking. After two months of trial and error, here it goes. Completely (re)designed website. Not just blog, but complete experience. Project Nihon, Blog and space for future projects (coming…) and portfolio served by a single CMS, sharing same experience and same theme. In addition to that, a new domain and new name. Why “framing.life”? Because that’s what I do: I watch and I capture, I frame using viewfinder and I show only a piece of what is happening, a piece of life the way I see it.

There still could be rough edges here and there, so if you find any, please let me know.

What’s next? Posts. Believe me or not, I felt lonely not talking to you. It was a conscious mental effort – not to post anything for a while, and it was not easy. I do want to start talking with you again. I missed you. So stay tuned!