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I just love those flowers. Little suns, take one for yourself and you have a personal piece of sunshine and cheerfulness. One can find many of them on the streets of Berlin, or at least in Prenzlauer Berg. This particular one is a resident of Wedding. Colour made me remember.. When I was third year in the University I had a woollen scarf, three meters long and exactly the same colour. Sadly I don’t have it anymore, it was so large it was easy to cuddle in it during long winter evenings. But now I have sunflowers all around, so I consider it even.


Beautiful cathedral. Unfortunately, way too crowded at that day (or every day?). So crowded that I failed to appreciate the elegance of the place when I was at the spot. Now, looking through pictures, those shades of grey make my mouth water. I know it’s weird, but isn’t it really, strikingly, beautiful?


This image is from Paris. A few months ago I was lucky to spend several days there, including that particular bright and sunny evening. Children were playing street football in a middle of a square, next to a church on one side, and a fountain on the other.

A Pigeon

Before that time, I’ve never seen pigeons drinking water directly out of the pipe. As it turns out, that is possible. It also was brave enough to let me come close and stare at the the performance being really close. Never happened again 🙂 So if you’re in Tübingen, be on the lookout for those.

I am trying now to spend some time arranging portfolio of my images and thus discovering images here and there. It was not a very productive time shooting recently, so most of pictures that you’ll see in the nearest future will be from the archives (but honestly, I’ve got to follow up on them better, there’s so much of unpublished material, not to mention non-developed ones…)

Today received an interesting book to read in following days: Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning. I already foresee how many evenings it would take to get through these 700+ pages of pure knowledge 🙂 But then, I have time.

This and That

I have very mixed feelings when I stare now at the blank page. I want to tell so much and yet I want to keep certain things to myself. A strange feeling that you want to share, but reluctant as if sharing could have a consequence. But I think I won’t be able to write anything sincerely before do – that’s what in my mind for many days now, and I can’t get rid of it.

To make it short, two out of three last weeks I spent in the hospital. It just happened, rather suddenly, as one friend of mine said, just a bit of bad luck. No worries, it seems I got lucky again and I may get away with it just fine. What worries me is that it was sort of a distress signal. Perhaps I am just young, nothing like that happened with me before and it’s just something new, unknown and therefore worrying, but.. Maybe it was? Signal that something has to be changed. But I don’t feel changed at all. As if all stays one hundred percent the same. If the universe wanted to give me a lesson, did I fail to learn something?


Hi everybody. I kept silent for quite a while now, several reasons for that. Few things happened, few unexpected challenges, but mainly I wasn’t posting anything because I wanted to come out with something new, something different this time. Something a little bit bigger than usual. It is always a challenge for me – to display my work the way I want people to see it. And now I think I did another step to improve in this direction. And the name of this step is

After many evenings spent thinking. After two months of trial and error, here it goes. Completely (re)designed website. Not just blog, but complete experience. Project Nihon, Blog and space for future projects (coming…) and portfolio served by a single CMS, sharing same experience and same theme. In addition to that, a new domain and new name. Why “”? Because that’s what I do: I watch and I capture, I frame using viewfinder and I show only a piece of what is happening, a piece of life the way I see it.

There still could be rough edges here and there, so if you find any, please let me know.

What’s next? Posts. Believe me or not, I felt lonely not talking to you. It was a conscious mental effort – not to post anything for a while, and it was not easy. I do want to start talking with you again. I missed you. So stay tuned!

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