Earlier, I mentioned the event and my impressions from it. Now it is time to share the images. But first, a short recap. There was a motto for the whole day, to which all topics were bound.

Eines langen Tages Reise [Long Day’s Journey]

Topics were delivered in batches of four, every four hours at the particular location. It was possible to shoot all topics even in the very last hour, but pictures must have been taken in the right order – no mix/match/reorder was allowed.

  1. Der Sonne Entgegen [Towards the sun]
  2. Entdecken [Discover]
  3. Übergepäck [Excess luggage]
  4. Andere Länder, andere Sitten [When in Rome, do as the Romans do]
  5. Grenzen überschreiten [Go beyond limits]
  6. Touristenklasse [Economy class]
  7. Der Perfekte Ort [The perfect place]
  8. Heimweh [Home sickness]
  9. Urlaubsflirt [Holiday fling]
  10. Wilder Westen [Wild West]
  11. Kulturschock [Cultural shock]
  12. Weltenbummler [Globetrotter]

Actually, I spend almost 3 hours trying to take the first picture because it had to state 211. After some wandering around and planespotting I just went home and decided to do it there 🙂 Okay, here are the pics. Some I like more, some I don’t like anymore, and some I am truly happy to own.