Yesterday was an exceptional evening. With an exceptionally lucky timing. We went to CO Berlin together with Jens and Lejla to be one of the first to see Sebastião Salgado’s “Genesis” exhibited in Berlin. We all have seen “Das Salz der Erde” and we all have known what to expect. But now I can say that this exhibition is a must even for those who know the “Genesis” by heart. Pictures look that different on the wall, when they are that large.  However, not to diverge too much into praising this masterpiece of photography (indeed-indeed it is), I have to stop talking about the exhibition itself. I mentioned we were lucky, right? Here’s what we managed:

  • See and take a few images of Sebastião and Lélia.
  • Watch the whole speech of Sebastião, Lélia and Brazilian Ambassador in Berlin from the front row.
  • Get the signed copy of “Genesis”.

Ain’t that cool? Yes, I feel like a crazy fan. Yes, I probably am. And yes, I am happy about that 🙂