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Natürlich Berlin!

Spring, the time of Cherry Blossoms, time for Hanami. Fortunately it’s possible to enjoy blooming Sakura trees not only in Japan, but in other places like… Berlin ^_^ Although it’s quite crowded around, it’s still possible to take pictures 🙂
Natürlich Berlin!

Der Tag

Heute war ein bestimmt wunderbarer Tag! Danke für alle die beigetragen hatte!The Leader


Ones that you can’t avoid having in your picture unless you fly with business class. I don’t, not yet ;). But occasionally the plane tilts and that sometimes makes for a great opportunity. Not without a wing now, but how great the picture was… Have a good weekend!
Above Stuttgart


When doing Project Nihon I managed to totally forget about pictures from Hiroshima 🙂 So now I can share them one-at-a-time, from time to time. Am I not fan of Public Transportation? Meet trams in Hiroshima:

 More images from Japan are available via Project 日本 page.

Berlin, Old Piano

Somehow I find this association true. Berlin is like an old piano 🙂 It’s not well tuned, it looks vintage and old, it’s not as polished as its colleagues, but it all makes Berlin sexy 🙂

Good Morning!
Berlin, Old Piano

Sainte Chapelle

Another multiple-exposure image from the same place. I Still feel it is impossible to convey the feeling you get when you enter this place (esp. if you stood a looong queue to get there) but I can say I tried. If you’re in Paris, try to pay a visit there. It’s majestic.
Paris, Sainte Chapelle


A shot from the streets of Paris. Some details only see when you are looking at the picture at home. This one’s like that. Instant reaction to take the picture, and then – later – understanding why it took my attention.



"Magenbucher Meer"Privately. And for everyone. It sucks to live alone. It sucks to come home and see no one waiting for you there, every day, every day the same. It sucks no matter what people tell you. Oh yes, it motivates. To find yourself in art, in working, cooking, hobbies, blah blah – whatever. It does, and it leaves you so much time. But it sucks. Sorry for that, I still love it, my life. Just this tiny bit freaks me out for days now. And I’ve got no idea what to do with it.

Love you all, who are reading it. Thank you for being with me.

Busy Weekend

Just managed to sit down on the couch for the first time during the weekend. Hooray. Time flies, don’t believe those who say it doesn’t.Cafe and Color

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