There is this time threshold that, if crossed, keeps you awake for a next few hours. I guess I’ve crossed it, out on the very fresh streets of Berlin. It got cold now, probably not for long, but now it feels really cold. And it’s Friday now, actually, already Saturday. I haven’t seen this week, really. Lots of work, and constant stream of things I’ve got to catch up with. But I feel cool. Weekend, two days just for me. Awesome.

Winter in Berlin

There’s one thing I feel more and more every day. I love my life. If you talk to me, most likely I’d be bitching about something (I just can’t stop that, seriously). But I love it, truly, I just tell it rarely. And perhaps 2 am is just the time for truth to be told, he he. Remember “How I Met Your Mother”? Nothing good happens after 2am. Well, at least I’m not out, so my possibilities for harming myself are limited to what I can publish tonight 🙂

There was one phrase that I heard recently:

Stay hungry, stay foolish.

I don’t want to tell who told it, you’ll be able to google it, he was a great man. But the phrase is so good, it’s just what I always wanted to say but never knew how. And I wish it to everyone. Don’t loose that. It is freaking important. Stay hungry. Stay foolish.

Thanks to those who got here 🙂 Good night. And have a nice weekend. And see you next time. I love you all.