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Love is Everywhere

Well, perhaps, not everywhere, but it definitely is present at Nishishinjuku, Tokyo. And the rest of the world just celebrates Friday and an upcoming weekend 😉 I wish you a nice one.
Love at Nishishinjuku

Shinjuku Gyoen

Yesterday I was remembering my trip to japan and my mind got so much excited thinking about a next one that I had trouble falling asleep: all the “how I would do it that time, where I would go, what I would try stuff” 🙂 So today I support the overall excitement sharing one more image from the “unreleased” batch. One of the, perhaps, calmest places in Tokyo. Imagine sitting on the bench there and reading “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy”. Succeeded? I hope you do cause I really did it 🙂 Enjoy the view 😉Shinjuku Gyoen

Gute Nacht!

Tokyo Rainbow Bridge

Good evening. In Russian language there’s a saying that literally translates to English as “artist must be hungry”. Perhaps, there’s an English phrase too, but I never heard it. So, that saying. It is true. Literally 🙂 Especially true if after some many hours in the office one wants to have a productive practice of whatever (for example, playing musical instrument).

Okay, now I know it works. But dammit it’s past 10pm and I haven’t yet had dinner 🙁 Perhaps today I skip one and just post this picture that didn’t end up in any chapter of Project Nihon. Meet Tokyo Rainbow Bridge. View from Odaibakaihinkoen.Tokyo Rainbow BridgeGood night! and don’t skip your dinner 😉

Project Nihon: Final Chapter

Hi everybody. It has been months since I returned from Japan. After weeks spent in the selection, development of pictures, development of Project Nihon Website and all sorts of other preparations, finally I can call project finished.

Today I am publishing last chapter of Project Nihon: Together With Nature. Thank you all for your valuable contributions, your feedback and simply your willingness to take some time and watch my creation. I am happy that I can share it with you.

Project Nihon: Together With NatureProject Nihon: Chapter 12

Street Art

One of the reasons I like Berlin is its street art. Combined with all sorts of stuff you can find in the street, sometimes it produces impressive combinations of texture, curves and light. This time – a portrait, piece of glass and (un?)usually damaged wall. Yes, I really think this is beautiful. Does anyone agree? 🙂Texture of the Street


I really, no, really-really love those trains. Graceful, silent and superfast. Comfort and pure power. You got my point;) I love trains 😉 Have a good evening!ICE Train


Perhaps for these moments I love streets. This kid was “standing” on the cheek of the other one for perhaps a minute before they realised what’s going on 🙂Daddy-o

Sunday’s Sunshine

Sunshine in Berlin is a creature that one can spot very occasionally. But when it does uncover itself, walking down the streets becomes particularly pleasurable. Today’s weather was awesome. It could be, yesterdays was pretty good as well, but I had to spend most of the time doing things that ought to be done and didn’t have a chance to enjoy it so much.

Picture below is taken at the S-Bahn Gesundbrunnen, one of the stations I visit quite regularly. I’ve never seen it that beautiful before, even found myself confused thinking “am I still going right direction?”.

S+U Gesundbrunnen

It is amazing how fast can weeks go by. One day you come to the office on Monday and suddenly you leave it and it’s Friday evening. And then weekend is gone even faster. This time I spent one mostly reading about running, that is, how to do it properly: all the preparations, proper warmup, technique drills and maintenance exercises. It turns out to be not as easy as I assumed, once you hit a certain threshold. So that is one more thing to figure out.

Soon another working week starts, all full of challenges and interesting stuff. I wish you to enjoy it 🙂 And remember, life’s awesome!

See you next time!

Project Nihon: Chapter 11

I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t pay enough attention to one of the most important (for me) aspects of any journey: details. Visual details. Patterns. To me, any acquaintance starts with details, and Japan is not an exception. However, those almost got lost in a cloud of novelty, difference and, well, “wow” exclamations. So this time, details. Those that I’ve picked up.

Meet Project 日本: A Pattern and a Detail:Project Nihon: Chapter 11

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