Good morning everyone. Today is already Wednesday, work week is almost halfway done, and there’s still so much to do before the weekend that I wish I have at least some 30 hours in a day. But, well, most likely I’d have to live with what I’ve got, that is, twenty-four, trying to be as productive as possible.

Weather in Berlin is now giving a surprise every day: being +12 one day and just +2 the other. On Saturday, with Matt (btw, check out his project,, I did a jog in Grünewald, half the time off-road. It was slightly windy, slightly muddy and slightly raining, but the coolest part of it was ‘climbing’ Teufelsberg two times as well as and Drachenberg once. Just 8k total distance, but oh-my-gosh how challenging it was.

This is how track looked together with elevation profile (and you don’t want to see my heart rate graph, *g*, I never knew it could work that hard):Gruenewald TrackGruenewald Run Elevation Profile

So, if you want some hill run in Berlin, take that track, it’s awesome 🙂 And challenging.
That’s it for the updates 🙂 See you soon with a new Chapter of Project Nihon!

Stay tuned!