Hi everybody. I am sorry, today I am much later than usual. That is, so much is happening around and, apparently, posting a chapter every second day is still a lot of work: even though structure and content are mostly done, one need to refine, add captions and text, see that all the details are done correctly, check everything several times and, finally, publish. But weekend is weekend, no matter how much time you take during the day, you still got a night to follow up on stuff you’re late 😉

So, meet Project Nihon: Chapter 5 – Temples – First Insight:Project Nihon, Chapter 4: Temples - First Insight


I really hope you like it. It actually matters a lot to me when I see any responses, because then I know, that I am doing it right. Frankly, so far I see just a few, but that’s enough to keep going.

See you next time, soon 🙂