Hi there! Remember, I told “every second day”? I meant it 😉 Please meet the new chapter of the Project Nihon: The Buddha Path.Chapter 2: The Buddha Path

In a meanwhile, quite suddenly life reached 4th January, the last day of ‘winter holidays’. With year’s goals set up, calendars updated and motivations packed, it’ll be pleasant to start.

Yesterday I finished watching (again) Haibane Renmei. And memories so sweet came to me – how we watched it for the first time, in one go. Nice anime, even though a little dark. I am very glad that I’ve finished it now, during holidays, because later on it’ll be challenging to fit all I want together in one day. Being on vacation, on some days I managed to pack some 7-8 different activities in a day, each taking substantial time. No way I could do the same during regular office days 🙂

I hope you enjoyed (or enjoying, if they will continue) the holidays as much as I did, and I wish you a pleasant Sunday. See you next time, every second day.