Good morning everybody! Merry Christmas! I know I’m slightly late, but better late than never, right? In Russia we celebrate Orthodox Christmas on the night 6-7 January, so in this sense I’m just in time: somewhere in the middle between the two 🙂

This year is almost gone now, and it is time to write a usual “annual summary” post. No, not that one, that one’s special. Because it pictures snow! Real snow, can you imagine?;) In Germany, Christmas (and most of the time before it) was gloomy, rainy and gray. And warm.

The one ray of sunshine is that there may actually be a ray of sunshine on December 25th, with sun making an occasional appearance in amongst the rain and high winds. (The Local: Wet, windy, stormy Christmas in store)

But now things seem to be changing. Just the moment I took off to Dresden, it was snowing as if I was back to Russia. And it continued throughout a day, so that pavement became pleasantly crispy and white 🙂

Snowy Dresden

So I wish everybody again merry Christmas. Enjoy the last days of the year, revisit the most important events that happened, and make wishes for the next one: next is always better than the last one – one has a chance to live it. More than that, one has a chance to live it different.

Stay tuned! Ciao.