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Happy New Year 2015

A little earlier, since I’ve got to take off soon 🙂 To all of you. Happy New Year 2015! Be healthy, creative and positive, keep important people close to you, enjoy Life and be happy! Cheers!


End of Year 2014. Now, before it ends, I’ve got to sum up all the events that happened, write them down and say thanks to them. With that done, past achievements and mistakes stay in memory a little longer, letting to learn a bit more from them.

This year I didn’t have any NY resolutions. I’ve had a wish, written on the piece of paper and hidden from anybody else. And this wish wasn’t fulfilled, to the best or to the worst – no idea, and no apt to speculate. What I am quite certain about is that I’ve got to move on and make another one, write it down and (btw, what do you do with NY wishes?) burn the paper.

This year was full with events. I need to say thanks to it, for everything that happened: NY holidays in Russia, numerous flights  there and back, some pleasant headaches, some big (and smaller) challenges. Finding new hobbies, getting on with existing ones, meeting new people – all happened. Trying to make a list I found that I can count events by looking into my photographs, so then here, the list with some pictures:

For the first time (I know, I know, shame on me), went to some of Berlin’s museums.Deutsches Technisches Museum Berlin

Had a first Easter, making cakes and coloring eggs, in Berlin with my awesome friends.Easter Mood

Shot my first rolls of Ilford Delta 400.Ilford and Holga

Travelled to Hamburg.Speicherstadt Hamburg

Resurrected my galleries.Screenshot 2014-12-31 12.31.37

Travelled to Russia and visited my awesome family in their new place of living and said hi to its new member: little Masha. And, generally, had a lot of fun there.. *private pictures*

Resurrected this blog.The Blog

Started shooting more, started trying out new techniques & visited some really awesome places with fellow photographers.Paul-Löbe-Haus

Opened up a dangerous but oh-so-delicious world of whisky flavours.Bagpipes & Drums

Printed some new postcards of mine.Postcards

Learned to play my favorite Hijo.

Learned to read and write hiragana and katakana and some basic Japanese.Kana

Travelled to Japan.Fushimi-Inari Foxes

Took Shinkansen ^____^Shinkansen

Travelled to Dresden.Snowy Dresden

Ran my first 11,38k. At fresh -7 C.

Screenshot 2014-12-31 12.37.40And to all that, worked, lived and dealt with all that stuff that one has to deal with.

So actually, this was an awesome year. Now I see that 🙂 Thank you, 2014. Vielen Dank. Большое спасибо. どうもありがとう。

Tonight, I want to start breaking patterns by going out, spending this NY with my friends in some not-so-quite place in the middle of the city. And I hope it will be a good start for a new, even better year.

Merry Christmas!

Good morning everybody! Merry Christmas! I know I’m slightly late, but better late than never, right? In Russia we celebrate Orthodox Christmas on the night 6-7 January, so in this sense I’m just in time: somewhere in the middle between the two 🙂

This year is almost gone now, and it is time to write a usual “annual summary” post. No, not that one, that one’s special. Because it pictures snow! Real snow, can you imagine?;) In Germany, Christmas (and most of the time before it) was gloomy, rainy and gray. And warm.

The one ray of sunshine is that there may actually be a ray of sunshine on December 25th, with sun making an occasional appearance in amongst the rain and high winds. (The Local: Wet, windy, stormy Christmas in store)

But now things seem to be changing. Just the moment I took off to Dresden, it was snowing as if I was back to Russia. And it continued throughout a day, so that pavement became pleasantly crispy and white 🙂

Snowy Dresden

So I wish everybody again merry Christmas. Enjoy the last days of the year, revisit the most important events that happened, and make wishes for the next one: next is always better than the last one – one has a chance to live it. More than that, one has a chance to live it different.

Stay tuned! Ciao.

Город В.

Вчера, я долго говорил с родителями о России. Сегодня вечером мы провожали старый год, пока все не разъехались, не большой, но очень уютной русскоязычной компанией. А после я листал “Воронежскую Азбуку“, подаренную любимыми Мишей и Нютой. И вот сейчас, уже лежа в постели, я решился на пост. Потому что немного грустно.

Воронеж рождает в моей голове тысячу ассоциаций. Многие из них очень теплые, приятные. Не все, но так во всем. Так получилось, что последние месяцы я вообще старался не думать о нем, и обо всем что с ним меня связывает, сам того особо не осознавая. А теперь, пролистав книжку, поговорив с близкими, все как-то вспомнилось.

Voronezh Winter | Зима в Воронеже

Хороший город, Воронеж. К сожалению, город, о котором долгое время совсем не заботились. Город серый, довольно грязный, довольно плохо знающий слово “вежливость”, но время от времени рождающий жемчужины в виде людей, в нем живущих. Хороший город, в хорошей стране, у которой очень много проблем. Пусть хороших людей в нем становится больше. Может тогда и проблемы решатся.


Спать. Сладких всем снов.


In everyone’s lives there are moments that one’s trying to remember, and one’s trying to forget. Long live those moments to remember.Tick-Tock


Sunday, Sunday

I love Sundays. So far it’s the only day of the week when I can afford the luxury of waking up without an alarm clock, and I am very glad that my internal clock seem to wake me up at 7, 8 and 9, so I can choose the time 🙂 No updates for a long time, I know. Busy busy busy. Lots of Christmas Markets popped up in Berlin, almost at every corner in more-or-less popular areas. Yesterday accidentally bumped into one of them, losing myself there for some 1.5 hours. Nice places, ones that are not clones of ‘Conventional German Christmas Market’.


Developing pictures from Japan, feeling behind the schedule, but due to rating technique which Jens introduced to me, I will probably be able to finish all on time. Let’s see. Don’t want to leak any pictures for now, but can’t help myself from posting one or two. When you think of shots as a project, it becomes more challenging. To pick the shots, right shots, to tell the story. “Challenge accepted!”

And Christmas is on the way! Soon everybody will be talking (almost) only about it, and accompanying holidays. I am glad I’m staying in Berlin most of the time now. A lot of time to finally sit down and think of next year’s commitments.

That’s it for now. Hope to see you soon!

Guten Morgen, Berlin!

Work hard, play hard. And since today is Monday, playing time is over, at least for “games” that can be enjoyed out of office. I am not posting many pictures recently, because I am mostly busy with sorting out hundreds of images from travelling, to make sure I can post them this year 🙂 So, don’t think I’ve forgotten about this blog, no, not at all.

Wish everybody a productive working week! See you later!

Memories creep in


And thus, warm tea, and then go to bed. Today was a long day. Many things done, many more left. See you tomorrow.
Enoden Eki

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