What to start with… Around three years and five hours ago my flight landed in Airport Berlin Tegel (TXL) carrying 12kg of backpack, 25kg of a suitcase and, well, me. And that is how life started a different chapter. Page by page, and now full three years.

Terminal C

One of my first memories of Berlin is a taxi driver, speaking no English, driving me somewhere around Bernauer Str., saying “Ost Berlin” (pointing to one side) and “West Berlin” (pointing to the other). Then was a great dinner at one of our favourite Indian restaurants, temporary apartment, new job, new people, lots of English around me, making me feel dizzy for the first months, (and quite some German, making me feel stupid), misunderstandings in supermarkets, lots of discoveries (if you didn’t assemble your bed, you’ve got nothing to sleep on, hehe), and lots and lots of fun and life experience.

Thank you, Berlin, for letting me stay and giving me all that. Thank you all, everyone I know, for your support or any kind of participation in this chapter of my life. Without you it wouldn’t be that great.