Now I feel guilty if I don’t update the blog at least once in a while.. But, frankly, not that much to write about. First, I am developing pictures from Japan. It’ll take me quite some time, huh. Now it’s very interesting to see what I actually photographed: sometimes I remember much more, and see in pictures just one detail.

Second, I’m trying to eat the debt that I’ve accumulated with my Piano classes – I’m still on the same song (even though not too easy one), as I was 3 months ago.. And I want to go forward. But I’ve got to finish what I start first.

Third, Berlin is coughing and sneezing now. Everybody, more or less, me not being exception from that rule. So, I’m slower than usual, doing slightly less then usual etc. etc. But then, still, I’m happy with what I do, perhaps that’s the most important.

Finally, even though I’m all under the impression from the trip, Berlin is beautiful. And to support that, this time some pictures from here. Now, covered in fog.

Ciao. See you next time.