Started developing pictures from Japan. Looking at them, slowly, one after the other, splashes of memories are evoked. I miss you. Music from ナウシカ and ラピュタ in speakers.Hometown Shinjuku

I think I’m too emotional, at least when I allow myself to be, which happens quite often *g*. But then, why suppressing something which brings you inspiration?

Today, for the first time after my arrival, Berlin promises to be sunny. I hope it’ll be that way. Autumn is still here and it is very beautiful. Btw, I will post from time to time pictures from Japan, but I’ll not publish here the full series. I think of making a separate “project page” for it, not to mix it with others, so that it can be perceived in isolation. Deadline for that is EOY2014, so don’t feel it’ll take me 2 years, no, just few months 😉

Thanks for staying with me. See you again!