End of working week. Almost as if I wasn’t on the other side of the world just a few days ago.. Only reminders are some Tokyo Bananas in the kitchen, coins on the keychain, memories and pictures. Reality strikes back, as expected. Although, I cannot say reality is bad in any sense, the opposite rather 🙂 But I still miss 東京 [tokyo].

Me and Robot Soldier

A few days ago went to one of the few places selling magazines in English and bought three at once. Recently I realised that after moving to Berlin I didn’t read any, or almost any (except for Deutsch Perfekt, but I consider them as education). So now three of them: GUP, Black+White Photography and British Journal of Photography. Inspiration, inspiration and inspiration.

Weekend is close and as usual it’s going to be busy with all the fun stuff that cannot be fit into the weekdays. And this is cool, I am really looking forward ^___^. And the same I wish you: a very nice, active, exciting, full of interesting events, weekend.

See you next time!