And so I am home. A little sleepy, a little jetlagged so can’t sleep anymore (it’s.. 16 in Tokyo now), a little tired and hell of missing Japan. Which means holidays were good 🙂 So now, unpacking some omiyage, and reading mails that flooded inbox (the real, that is, physical one) at home.

For those who’ll go to Japan (and for myself), beware: you can’t really safely buy drinks in duty free to bring them home. Reason is, Japan doesn’t pack those into special sealed bags so they can get confiscated if you have a connecting flight. So, no sake or whisky from Japan… Uh. Gotta buy it here 🙂


Now, really, I can’t believe holidays are over. In Japan, I managed to forget about the work, about other matters that kept my head busy here. Seriously, that looks to be my first real vacation for what it seems around 7-year career. That is, well, unexpected.