Everything has its time and everything has its end. And my travelling is almost finished now, just hours left in Japan, one hand’s not yet enough to count them but that’ll soon be fixed.

Yesterday I was asked a question: how do I feel leaving Japan – ‘sad’ or ‘glad’? And I felt ‘a bit of both’. But I really didn’t feel like leaving, actually. And now I do. And I am more sad about it, to be honest. But there’s always something good about leaving: you have a chance to return. Japan is an amazing country. Mostly due to its people. I will not be able (and won’t dare to try) to explain why I think so in words, many people wrote it far better than I can, but that’s how I feel.

Curves of Japan

I feel I need to say more. First, to Japan, to Japanese pepole. Thank you. In more than 2 weeks I never felt lost. You always helped me.


To Tokyo and Shinjuku. Thank you.


To Kyoto and Fushimi-Inari in particular. Thank you.

Tomoko & Takehiro

To Takehiro-san, to Tomoko-san: guys, you’re the best. I am glad that I met you and I have no idea how I deserved such a gift from the Universe. どうもありがとうございました!

To Keiko-san, to Fanny, and to Origa-san. For all those pieces of advice, and of course for taking time to teach me some bits of Japanese 🙂

And last, but definitely not least, to those in Berlin and Russia, where I know I can always return :-*

Actually, now I feel I didn’t see even half of what I could have seen, I didn’t do many things that I could have done, and I will be able to show you even less of whatever I did with pictures. That means, I definitely have to return.

That’s it for today. Now I still have to pack and sleep a little. Ciao. Bis bald.