Hi again! Yesterday was a tough day, checking out of one place, and exploring Tokyo with the most of equipment was somewhat much more than I could handle and feel ‘vacation’. Huh. It all started with sudden notification on the door that Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography is closed for renovations until autumn 2016! And then it meant a change of plans, etc. etc. etc. Well, I managed to have a look at Ginza, found it a bit dull and then had my fun taking pictures of Shinkansen bullet trains instead ^_^ Btw, totally didn’t get that ‘vibe’ of Ginza everybody is so found of. Is it something wrong with me?

Shibuya Crossing

That was my Tokyo yesterday. But then… A bullet train to Kyoto ^_^ A nice reward for exhausting afternoon, 2.5 hours of ‘flight’ inside this super-comfortable train. First things that totally made me happy was space between rows of seats and angle by which you can change the back of the seat.  And large windows 🙂 And it doesn’t matter that it was dark outside. It was niiiice. I love trains ^_^

In Kyoto I didn’t manage to check out anything but a Sushi place yet 🙂 And I can spend quite some time here, so taking it really slow should pay off 🙂

See you next time!