Finally! In progress and.. whatever happens, happens to my best. Vacation. Long planned (believe me or not, this is the first time personally planned trip to some distant place, longer than 3 days). Writing to you from SVO, since I have quite some time to spend over here.. I like this airport, it’s my first time here, but it feels cozy (unlike DME) and actually international (unlike VKO), large and nice. Also, actually, it feels quite nice to go transit through one’s home country – mostly – because you know the language people talk, even more – because if you already set your expectations prior to the arrival, you have a chance to be positively surprised 🙂
That was also my first at SXF. The airport is small. I thought TXL is small, no, that one’s a giant in comparison to SXF.

Okay, apart from that I have really, really nothing to say. I was in preparations couple of last days and also.. Well.. I have this very unpleasant habit of putting life on pause before something big happens. So, apparently, this is my “big”.

Reading “What I talk about when I talk about running”. And so far (some 20%) I love it. Delicious in its simplicity. And experience. Okay, words aside. I feel guilty not writing anything last days and not posting pictures. So see some beautiful autumn (Berlin) below.

RYCBAR! (who knows will understand)