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III for “Three”

What to start with… Around three years and five hours ago my flight landed in Airport Berlin Tegel (TXL) carrying 12kg of backpack, 25kg of a suitcase and, well, me. And that is how life started a different chapter. Page by page, and now full three years.

Terminal C

One of my first memories of Berlin is a taxi driver, speaking no English, driving me somewhere around Bernauer Str., saying “Ost Berlin” (pointing to one side) and “West Berlin” (pointing to the other). Then was a great dinner at one of our favourite Indian restaurants, temporary apartment, new job, new people, lots of English around me, making me feel dizzy for the first months, (and quite some German, making me feel stupid), misunderstandings in supermarkets, lots of discoveries (if you didn’t assemble your bed, you’ve got nothing to sleep on, hehe), and lots and lots of fun and life experience.

Thank you, Berlin, for letting me stay and giving me all that. Thank you all, everyone I know, for your support or any kind of participation in this chapter of my life. Without you it wouldn’t be that great.

The Beach at Kamakura

Was developing pictures just now and, even though I didn’t want to publish anything until all are done, some pictures just match the moment and need to be shared. To me that one is “the one”. For this moment. To fully get the atmosphere, feel free to listen to Joe Hisaishi – Tabi Jou while looking at the picture.

Beach at KamakuraThanks for stopping by!


Update & Berlin covered in fog

Now I feel guilty if I don’t update the blog at least once in a while.. But, frankly, not that much to write about. First, I am developing pictures from Japan. It’ll take me quite some time, huh. Now it’s very interesting to see what I actually photographed: sometimes I remember much more, and see in pictures just one detail.

Second, I’m trying to eat the debt that I’ve accumulated with my Piano classes – I’m still on the same song (even though not too easy one), as I was 3 months ago.. And I want to go forward. But I’ve got to finish what I start first.

Third, Berlin is coughing and sneezing now. Everybody, more or less, me not being exception from that rule. So, I’m slower than usual, doing slightly less then usual etc. etc. But then, still, I’m happy with what I do, perhaps that’s the most important.

Finally, even though I’m all under the impression from the trip, Berlin is beautiful. And to support that, this time some pictures from here. Now, covered in fog.

Ciao. See you next time.

Hometown Shinjuku

Started developing pictures from Japan. Looking at them, slowly, one after the other, splashes of memories are evoked. I miss you. Music from ナウシカ and ラピュタ in speakers.Hometown Shinjuku

I think I’m too emotional, at least when I allow myself to be, which happens quite often *g*. But then, why suppressing something which brings you inspiration?

Today, for the first time after my arrival, Berlin promises to be sunny. I hope it’ll be that way. Autumn is still here and it is very beautiful. Btw, I will post from time to time pictures from Japan, but I’ll not publish here the full series. I think of making a separate “project page” for it, not to mix it with others, so that it can be perceived in isolation. Deadline for that is EOY2014, so don’t feel it’ll take me 2 years, no, just few months 😉

Thanks for staying with me. See you again!


End of working week. Almost as if I wasn’t on the other side of the world just a few days ago.. Only reminders are some Tokyo Bananas in the kitchen, coins on the keychain, memories and pictures. Reality strikes back, as expected. Although, I cannot say reality is bad in any sense, the opposite rather 🙂 But I still miss 東京 [tokyo].

Me and Robot Soldier

A few days ago went to one of the few places selling magazines in English and bought three at once. Recently I realised that after moving to Berlin I didn’t read any, or almost any (except for Deutsch Perfekt, but I consider them as education). So now three of them: GUP, Black+White Photography and British Journal of Photography. Inspiration, inspiration and inspiration.

Weekend is close and as usual it’s going to be busy with all the fun stuff that cannot be fit into the weekdays. And this is cool, I am really looking forward ^___^. And the same I wish you: a very nice, active, exciting, full of interesting events, weekend.

See you next time! 

Home Sweet Home

And so I am home. A little sleepy, a little jetlagged so can’t sleep anymore (it’s.. 16 in Tokyo now), a little tired and hell of missing Japan. Which means holidays were good 🙂 So now, unpacking some omiyage, and reading mails that flooded inbox (the real, that is, physical one) at home.

For those who’ll go to Japan (and for myself), beware: you can’t really safely buy drinks in duty free to bring them home. Reason is, Japan doesn’t pack those into special sealed bags so they can get confiscated if you have a connecting flight. So, no sake or whisky from Japan… Uh. Gotta buy it here 🙂


Now, really, I can’t believe holidays are over. In Japan, I managed to forget about the work, about other matters that kept my head busy here. Seriously, that looks to be my first real vacation for what it seems around 7-year career. That is, well, unexpected.

Japan: Title Time

Everything has its time and everything has its end. And my travelling is almost finished now, just hours left in Japan, one hand’s not yet enough to count them but that’ll soon be fixed.

Yesterday I was asked a question: how do I feel leaving Japan – ‘sad’ or ‘glad’? And I felt ‘a bit of both’. But I really didn’t feel like leaving, actually. And now I do. And I am more sad about it, to be honest. But there’s always something good about leaving: you have a chance to return. Japan is an amazing country. Mostly due to its people. I will not be able (and won’t dare to try) to explain why I think so in words, many people wrote it far better than I can, but that’s how I feel.

Curves of Japan

I feel I need to say more. First, to Japan, to Japanese pepole. Thank you. In more than 2 weeks I never felt lost. You always helped me.


To Tokyo and Shinjuku. Thank you.


To Kyoto and Fushimi-Inari in particular. Thank you.

Tomoko & Takehiro

To Takehiro-san, to Tomoko-san: guys, you’re the best. I am glad that I met you and I have no idea how I deserved such a gift from the Universe. どうもありがとうございました!

To Keiko-san, to Fanny, and to Origa-san. For all those pieces of advice, and of course for taking time to teach me some bits of Japanese 🙂

And last, but definitely not least, to those in Berlin and Russia, where I know I can always return :-*

Actually, now I feel I didn’t see even half of what I could have seen, I didn’t do many things that I could have done, and I will be able to show you even less of whatever I did with pictures. That means, I definitely have to return.

That’s it for today. Now I still have to pack and sleep a little. Ciao. Bis bald.

Back To Tokyo

The last batch of days in Japan.. That’s putting some responsibilities on me.. in summarising. What did I want from this journey? Did I achieve that? What else can I do? My usual.. self-reflection blah. Well, this time I would probably say: screw it. I’ll just enjoy couple more days in this amazing city. Yes, I love Tokyo.Shinjuku. Shinjuku desu.

Fushimi-Inari Taisha

My favorite foxes. There are no proper words to explain it, no proper pictures to show it, although can be beautiful, all fades in comparison to reality. One have to be there, go through it full length, listen to silence, listen to themselves. Fantastic.Fushimi-Inari Foxes


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