Do you know anybody giving away free hugs? I would enjoy one or two.. Although living alone is quite enjoyable from time to time (all the control-n-independence blah), sometimes you just want to wake up and feel a little warmer because, well, you don’t wake up alone. Uh, that’s autumn talking in me. It’s getting darker in the morning and now I remember exactly why at some point I wanted to have “wake up light”.

Not much to write, but still something. On Sunday I went to a quick walk through regierungsviertel (aka Bundeskanzleramt etc etc.) and was rewarded with some very nice views of mid-autumn colors. Not yet in their full power, but already close to it. This weekend I would definitely need to have another walk, not to miss the foliage peak. These are not the pictures you see below though, those are a bit older: some older street pictures, from around 3 weeks ago.

And if you also want a hug, than that’s mine. Beautiful Sveta from 2010 in bright summer colors:


Enjoy the day and see you next time!