A bit more silent than usual this week, sorry for that. Many things to do and just 24 hours in a day. Learning, learning, learning. Everything. And now really preparing to the upcoming trip (it’s fun to plan things, but gosh, I am so not used to long journeys!). Anyway, I’ve got something to show. And just one for now, with some more coming later.

Brandenburger Tor @ Festival of Lights 2014

Four hours with a tripod. Yes, four. Somehow I woke up (not literally) at midnight in the middle of Alexanderplatz and thought “OMG” came to me 🙂 Why: there’s Festival of Lights going on in Berlin and I just recently obtained a new tripod, what a coincidence 😉 And I must say, to myself, and everyone who is planning to buy one: tripod must be light. If it is light enough you really have a chance not to be tired like a dog after 2 hours of walking. And if so, you also have a chance to love it. And pictures you get out of it.

Thanks for stopping by. See you next time!